Hudson hire sends a message?

Wendell Hudson’s hire as women’s basketball coach could be viewed as sign of change in the way things are done at UA. I was told this was an attempt to circumvent some of the problem persons within the athletic department administration.

Following Rick Moody’s retirement as women’s basketball coach, a search committee was formed, and the associate athletic director and senior women’s administrator was part of that search committee. While I’m told the decision was Moore’s, Marie Robbins was involved in that process.

This time that may not have been the case.

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One person close to the University told me Robbins was excluded from this search.

Was she? That’s really only a question Mal Moore could answer; however, a longtime observer of the athletic department said he had heard Robbins was angry over the Hudson hire.

Fans continue to watch the athletic department looking for any sign the decades of bureaucratic paralysis might end. In this case, the Hudson hire has less to do with success on the court than regaining control of the program behind the scenes.


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  1. 1

    yeah. i’d say it’s sending a message.

    BDS expansion postponed……

    gottfried retained. no appetite to buyout 3 mil contract.

    hudson promoted from within.

    rumor has it tuition has been or is about to be raised. witt doesn’t want to have the specter of millions being spent on stadium expansion with families having to shell out more cash for kids to attend school.

    i personally think that’s crap. if the economy’s the problem, what better thing for the athletic dept. to do than pump that money into the local economy? jobs. business. good pr.

    mal went to the big money donors to get the cash to hire saban.

    the question has to be ask, with all the bad pub around last year’s football outing, are donors sitting on their wallets until better results are shown?

  2. 2

    Moore is so weak, that a friggin assoc AD had taken control. Nice. When will we ever rid ourselves of that woman? She has been nothing but a pain.

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