Off topic: No better than a criminal

The Alabama Education Association (AEA) finally said something correct. They were trying to be make a point, but that just shows how much of a joke they are. Here’s the quote from the Birmingham News:

“I believe it’s just wrong to say to our employees they cannot serve in the Legislature and hold a job in the system,” Bell said. “The only people we ban from holding jobs in the system are felons and by this policy we’re telling our legislators they are no better than a common felon.”

That sounds about right. Legislators were looting the state treasury by holding jobs at institutions funded by the state legislature. Many of the legislators did little or no work, according to the Pulitzer Prize winning investigation by the Birmingham News.

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And the ethically challenged legislators and their cohorts in the AEA don’t see anything wrong with that.

Earlier this week, I joked about how corrupt Louisiana was. Our political leaders make Louisiana look good by comparison.

A grand jury is investigating the corruption, and 13 legislators have been subpoenaed. Former two-year college chancellor Roy Johnson has pled guilty in the investigation. It might not be much longer until the AEA’s statement becomes prophetic instead of a joke—and more of our legislators are felons.


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    I always enjoy reading your blog because it brings a different perspective to Alabama sports but I think the attack on AEA and educators is unacceptable. I realize that all professions have crooked and underhanded people but to single out educators is a low blow.

    Has it ever occurred to you that there are many legislators (that were elected through the democratic process by a majority) have education degrees and are great teachers to boot? These legislators also haven’t “double dipped” as you refer but do an outstanding job of teaching young people. Why should they be punished for the mistakes of a few???

    Why don’t we single out other legislators and restrict their ability to serve? Examples include: Sen. Larry Dixon (R) who is also an administrator at the State Board of Medical Examiners. Or Rep. Mike Hubbard (R) who got a $4 million dollar price cut for Auburn broadcast rights and continues to profit from his ties at Auburn. Why should they not be restricted????

    You need to do a little more digging before you start attacking educators.

  2. 3

    I live in Florida, and if you think Alabama politics are anywhere NEAR as backwards as Louisiana, you need to spend more time outside the state of Alabama.

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