No Bryant-Denny expansion

The slowing economy and growing economic uncertainty means Bryant-Denny must wait longer for expansion, according to UA’s president Dr. Robert Witt.

“I’m not certain it would be wise or prudent to embark on another major fundraising campaign for athletics right now,” Witt said in an interview with The Tuscaloosa News today.

The economic uncertainty now is taking its toll on football fans who want tickets to Alabama games. If that doesn’t bring the slump home, then nothing will.

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The decision by UA means this is the perfect time to speculate about the potential for a recession.

Lawrence Kudlow, an economist and host of Kudlow & Company, attributes much of the problems to inflation spurred by a sinking dollar.

The litany of economic woes continue to mount: falling jobs, decimated housing, the subprime credit virus, record gasoline prices (almost $3.20), $107 oil, a slumping dollar, and the march toward $1000 gold. …

…Right now, a simple gold/inflation forecasting model is predicting 5.7 percent CPI this year and 7.4 percent next year. This, after 4 percent in 2007. Yikes!

The return of stagflation?

His solution is to repair the dollar, cut taxes and reform the tax code, and getting the Congress to control spending.


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    I think that prediction was by 2020.

    In reality, that would still be reasonable when weighted against the Dow surge from 1980-2000. In that time the Dow went from under 2K to over 10k. The percentage increase would be about the same…and the tax cuts, capital gains reductions were big reasons for the Reagan and Clinton era surge.

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