Future of the defense

Nick Saban likes to hand out titles like candy. He’s got assistant head coaches, associate head coaches, head defensive coaches and lest we forget, coordinators. Saban has done this throughout his career. It works as a reward, along with increased salary, etc. And it could be seen as a development tool.

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According to the Sporting News’ Matt Hayes:

Kirby Smart’s promotion to defensive coordinator at Alabama is a move by coach Nick Saban to develop Smart much as he did Will Muschamp, who is now at Texas. Smart and Muschamp, one of the game’s best coordinators, played at Georgia in the 1990s and are still close and share ideas. Saban, who promoted Muschamp to defensive coordinator at LSU earlier this decade, sees the same potential in Smart. . . .

That ties in to what we’ve heard.

It is said Smart understands Saban’s defense intimately, and is strong at breaking down films.

But what does that mean for Coach Steele?

Odds are he will continue searching for a head coaching position.

And that won’t upset most people on staff. I’ve been told Steele is “a little on the weird side.” There has also been some friction between Saban and Steele; they don’t see eye-to-eye. That is probably a very good thing. Saban needs someone willing to stand up to him—Saban doesn’t need a yes man.