City backtracks from plea deal

What looked like a done deal to drop charges against Rashad Johnson is now not such a done deal. Ian Rapoport reported the city is upset over the defense attorney’s assertions made to the press:

“The Office of the City Attorney feels it is important to clarify misinformation disseminated over the weekend in regard to the arrest of Julian Rashad Johnson on the charge of disorderly conduct.

The city did not initiate any discussion of settlement of the charges against Mr. Johnson.

The Office of the City Attorney has reviewed the reports, statements of witnesses and viewed the video from the security cameras and is prepared to proceed to trial. We expect this case to be set on the Municipal Court docket in the near future.”

The pettiness of lawyers and officials in the justice system is on display here. They aren’t upset the police report apparently was inaccurate. No. They are upset a lawyer leaked the story—that the city’s case was weak. What a joke.

The city attorney should complain to Josh Swords privately, and not play with the life of a young man in such a public way. The city of Tuscaloosa should consider a new city attorney if this is an accurate representation of this guy’s work product.

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    As soon as I read Josh “the Bust from Brentwood” Swords statements in the paper, I cringed. Like it or not, you don’t show up the DA’s office in small towns without
    causing a major stink.

  2. 2

    True, but I totally agree with whoever the heck it is that runs this website. Don’t play with the life of a young man just to hold a spitting contest. Tuscaloosa government is CORRUPT!!!

  3. 3

    I get so tired of the backwoods politics of the Tuscaloosa “justice” system. What amatuers. I got an open container ticket in college cooking out in my front yard when I was 22 years old. It of course was thrown out in court b/c you cannot give open containers to people of age on their own property but the retarded redneck cops did not know this I guess. The TPD showed up with 6 cop cars, one after the other, and me and the guys I was with were in disbelief at the complete waste of taxpayer’s money which we were witnessing. We openly made fun of the situation and tried to tell them this would not hold up in court but they were too stubborn to listen. These guys were total goons and the arresting officer was probably 23 years old. Complete and utter loser of course. I’m done.

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