Athletic Dept. Shuffle

UA shuffled Chris King upward, and hired a new compliance director. The whole episode sounds like King was sacked.

The school had no official comment on the move, according to published reports. The Tuscaloosa News reported King’s new role hasn’t completely been sorted out:

The university has yet to announce the moves, in part, because King’s roles are still in the process of being defined. He’ll have sports oversight of women’s soccer and rowing and some oversight of his former department.

It sounds like he got the boot upstairs.

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Saban publicly blasted UA’s compliance efforts during the textbook fiasco. He said the financial services/compliance efforts didn’t work:

While he is clear that five University of Alabama football players used “poor judgment,” coach Nick Saban said the system of textbook distribution for athletes failed the players, too

“No one at the university wants me to say it,” Saban told the crowd in a speech to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham, “but it’s true.”

The key element wasn’t so much the quote about the system failing the athletes, but the fact persons in the University didn’t want Saban to out the problems.

We’ve always known there were issues within UA, but could this be the first outward sign of a major overhaul of the defective parts? We won’t know for certain until the lawsuit against Daniel Moore is settled. When that happens, we’ll know the systemic problems within the department have been cured.