The arrest (fair & balanced)

Ian Rapoport catches heat regularly. I remember throwing some his way during the malaise days of Mile Shula. But he provided a very nice update to the Rashad Johnson arrest in a blog post this afternoon.

He provided this link to an eyewitness account to the arrest, former football player Freddie Roach. The interview was conducted by 1420 AM The Tusk.

Rapoport also provided details from the police report in this blog post earlier in the week.

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    So Roach says that Elder’s arrest for armed robbery “left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth?” Yeah, especially the two students he held up at gunpoint, no doubt. Roach is about as believable on this situation as a blind man.

    My favorite spin on this is the insane UAT fans who are now spreading the idea that this is a “conspiracy” by the T-town police to arrest UAT football players — and that they are (GASP!!) closet Auburn fans.

    I have to laugh when these sidewalk fans — who would no doubt throw a fit if a black family moved in next door to them — are now the defenders of young black men from disadvantaged backgrounds. The irony is just too freaking funny.

  2. 2
    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    Every fan base has lunatic fans, once that look for conspiracies in every corner and others that, i don’t know, go onto other teams fan sites and post inane comments…

  3. 3

    i listened to the roach interview this morning. it was frankly a waste of my time. freddie kept saying it wasn’t what everybody thought it was but wouldn’t tell me what it was. and the interviewer wouldn’t press him. the fact is johnson likely put “defending” his friend in front of the perception of his team. while saban blathered on defending rashad, even he said he made a mistake. i would submit to you that rashad knew as well too considering he was trying to talk the police out of arresting him.

    and trust me, cap, rappaport is a no-talent hack. period.

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