Media Review: Harp on Sports

What’s the worst radio show in Alabama? Harp on Sports. And big surprise, it is in Huntsville. Why is Huntsville afflicted with pathetic newspaper reporting, and poor talk radio?

The morning show hosted by Seth Harp airing from 6 a.m.-9 a.m. on WUMP 730 AM in Huntsville was a disaster Friday. The show talked at length about women’s college basketball and University of Tennessee sports.

The only place you would here more about UT would be in Knoxville.

What talk radio listener cares that some basketball player from the Volunteers womens team can dunk a basketball? Big deal. And I really don’t care if she can dunk the ball when it is 6 a.m.

But the show engaged in an agonizing examination of UT women’s star Candace Parker. Harp and callers discussed if Parker should skip her senior season and bolt to the WNBA.


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If that topic doesn’t yield sizzling ratings then what else would in basketball crazy Alabama?

Harp is obviously an intelligent sports host. He demonstrated a breadth of sports knowledge, and moved between topics with ease. However, it is critical a show cover important topics—there is no way anyone in their right mind would think UT sports in general, and women’s basketball in particular is good talk radio in Alabama.

By the time the Roundtable rolled around on WJOX, I was happy to hear Pauly Shore. Honestly, slamming my hand in the car door would’ve been a welcome relief from Harp on Sports.

The callers on Friday’s Harp on Sports were horrible. They made me pine for the inaudible callers showcased on the Opening Drive on WJOX. Part of the problem could be lack of callers. Harp was berating listeners for not participating on the show. Could the lack of participation come from a failure to discuss LOCAL SPORTS?