Stop persecuting Moore

Dr. Robert Witt has done an exceptional job as president of UA. However, he has one black mark on his record; he has allowed the continued persecution of Daniel Moore.

I’ve written about this case before. I compared the leadership’s decision to sue Moore to the foolish decisions to hire Mike Dubose, or Bill Curry. UA supporters joined in with several interesting comments and emails, which you can read here.

Unfortunately, UA hasn’t capitulated. The case against Mr. Moore continues—over three years since it began. The lawsuit was and remains a money grab by a myopic group of bureaucrats.

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The latest development according to the Tuscaloosa News, is the federal judge handling the case has assigned the case to a special master.

“Over one year later, and following numerous settlement conferences, the parties now agree that the issues raised by the motions should be fully briefed and submitted to a Special Master for consideration,” Proctor wrote in a ruling earlier this month.

A special master can be a court-appointed referee between two parties and can make decisions in cases, especially those with complicated or technical issues. Proctor will use the special master’s recommendations in a possible ruling on the case, although a jury still could hear the case if it appears enough facts are disputed.

Special masters are also used in cases of riparian law, and can be unpredictable. The unpredictable nature of cases involving appointed special masters is one major reason Alabama, Georgia and Florida have attempted to negotiate a congressionally authorized water sharing compact. Without a compact, a lawsuit would be the end result, and neither Alabama, Georgia or Florida really want that.

Lawsuits are dangerous.

In this case, the lawsuit attacks the free speech rights of Mr. Moore—and that is very dangerous. UA should be on the side of freedom, not simple, base greed.

Dr. Witt should end this lawsuit. That would be in the best interest of UA and Mr. Moore.

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    it would be interesting to know how much has been spent on attorneys by both sides. i’m sure moore has made himself quite comfortable with his obviously god-given talent but you have to know one side has significantly deeper pockets than the other.

    you also have to know who the rank-and-file ‘bama fans sides with on this issue.

    it’s also ironic that a liberal bastion such as the university of alabama would go to such lengths to, in the end, be perceived as a greed merchant, trying to stick it to the little guy.

    or, maybe it’s not so ironic.

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