Report: Moore visits Coleman

Ian Rapoport reported Mal Moore took in a second consecutive Alabama basketball game last night. This is news because Moore has attended few basketball games over the last two years, according to the Rap Sheet.

Rapoport asks if this means anything.

Is it a vote of support? Is it Mal watching to either make a decision? Has he made a decision, and is showing up to illustrate due diligence was done before announcing a termination?

Maybe Mal is just showing up to keep Mrs. Gottfried from accosting the media.

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    Good question. If Gottfried is retained at the end of the season would be the time. My bet is the hue and cry would be loud then.

    Whether Gottfried would be retained or not…I think the wind is leaning toward him getting walking papers.

  2. 3

    It’s tempting to say basketball in t-town just isn’t important enough to make a change, but then again, why do you pay a coach $1 Million annually if that’s the case? Gottried’s body of work in 10 years is just downright revolting. No passion, no hussle, incredible blocks of time without field goals, no fundamentals, and the same assertion of “we’re close” over, and over, and over…

    He is a good recruiter, but all he does is bring ’em in, roll a basketball on the court and tell to go play. He has no game planning abilities, but when the plan he does have doesn’t work in a game, he never has a plan B to stop the bleeding.

    I think he should be given the option to be retained at half his present salary or be dismissed. Even $500K is too much for him.

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    it’s laughably amusing at the lengths that some of the local media, especially the individual i lovingly refer to as “slap-a-hoe”, will go to to keep themselves in the click down there.

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