Here come the regulators

As if the clock fiasco from two seasons ago were not enough, here we go again. The NCAA rulemakers are back. Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart details the announced rules changes in the AJC story. (H/T

Two rule changes should change the pace of the game. First, the 25-second clock will be replaced with a 40-second clock like the NFL uses. Second, once a player runs out of bounds, and the ball is marked ready for play, the clock restarts.
It shouldn’t be as bad as what we saw two years ago, clock changes are a (usually) a bad idea. Other changes:

• A coach will get an extra instant replay challenge if his first one is correct. Under the old rule the coach had one challenge whether he was right or wrong. Under the new rule the coach will get one extra challenge if his first is upheld.
• If a kickoff goes out of bounds, the receiving team will have the option of taking the ball on its own 40-yard line. The previous rule gave the receiving team the ball on the 35-yard line.
• The incidental 5-yard facemask penalty has been eliminated. The only facemask penalties that will be called will be for 15 yards.
• There will no longer be sideline warnings for players and coaches who crowd onto the field during the game. The official may assess a 5-yard penalty without a warning for the infraction.

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    Why the crap don’t they just leave the rules alone, like in baseball? Or at least enact rules that make sense…like being able to review a bad pass interference call. We would have won back-to-back games against LSU in 2004 and 2005 if this were the case.

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