Kines to College Station?

The Dallas Morning News is reporting Joe Kines is a leading candidate for defensive coordinator for Texas A&M.

One of Kines’ best moments in recent years was Alabama’s 13-10 victory over Texas Tech in the 2006 AT&T Cotton Bowl. The Red Raiders’ high-octane offense managed just 329 total yards against the Crimson Tide, which had the nation’s No. 2-ranked defense. Tech averaged 495.8 yards for the season.

Kines is a very good coach, and could help rebuild the tradition of great A&M defenses lost under Franchione.

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Former Alabama star Latrell Sprewell faces financial difficulties. Newsday reported the star’s yacht was auctioned and his home were facing foreclosure.

Sprewell, 37, hasn’t played pro basketball since turning down the $21-million extension from the Timberwolves during the 2004-05 season. He was making $14.6 million at the time.

A sad story.
The SEC East is now a struggle between Florida and Georgia on the field. And now off the field.

(Georgia lawmakers) say that Georgia should issue special prestige alumni plates only for states that will do the same for graduates of Georgia schools.

Georgia currently issues plates for Clemson University in South Carolina, Auburn University in Alabama and, as of this month, the University of Florida, Department of Revenue spokesman Charles Willey said. None of those states return the favor.

According to the story, Alabama has a law banning tags for out-of-state colleges.