Fans asked to be like Bama fans

As if the #1 recruiting class wasn’t revenge for Auburn and other fans making fun of Alabama’s A-Day enthusiasm, now other coaches across the country are asking their fasn to be like…Bama fans.

Colorado is now asking its fans to act like Bama, according to this report.

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McCartney said when Alabama hired coach Nick Saban a year ago from the Miami Dolphins, one of the first things Saban did was to ask Crimson Tide fans to support the program by showing up to the spring game. More than 92,000 obliged.

McCartney said that level of support paid off in recruiting the 2008 class in Tuscaloosa. Alabama was the consensus No. 1 recruiting class this year by all the major recruiting services. McCartney then asked CU fans if they were capable of the same sort of support for their program.

When other coaches are asking their fans to act like yours, you know something is going right. Combine that with what Nick Saban said on Signing Day, and you’ve got experts showing what works to build a program.

Other teams are planning massive parties around their signing days. The Gridiron Bash is an entertainment package planned around spring games at major universities like Colorado, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas A&M and West Virginia (to name a few.)

Gridiron Bash promises to revolutionize the spring game.

Alabama won a victory in its spring game by setting the standard. Now, fans and athletic administrators must improve and expand A-Day events to keep pace with our competitors, who learned from us.

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