Rivals vs. ESPN

Tom Luginbill went on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Friday and fired a shot at other recruiting services, charging his competitors ranked recruiting classes based on a profit motive instead of unbiased opinion.

“We don’t have to please anybody,” Luginbill told Finebaum. “We don’t have to generate sales.”

Shannon Terry, CEO and president of Rivals.com, showed up on Finebaum’s broadcast during the 4 o’clock hour and blasted Luginbill’s comments.

“We don’t put a lot of stock in what the other services say about us,” Terry said. He went on to add, “especially a group trying to break into the market.”

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Terry said ESPN and Luginbill were “late to the dance” in meeting the public’s demand for recruiting information. He added ESPN among others neglected collegiate fans in the promotion of entertainment programming. This lack of content appealing to fans is what allowed sites like Rivals.com to emerge into its market position.

Rivals.com generated 6.6 million unique users in January Terry said on Finebaum. Those numbers were from the January Media Metrics measurements delivered today (Friday) to the company.

Finebaum hinted at a major push planned by ESPN to enter the recruiting market.

Audio files from the day’s shows should be available soon on The Paul Finebaum website. When they are, I’ll update the links on this page.