Prelude to signing day

Mark Ingram announced his commitment to Alabama Tuesday afternoon.

Auburn signed a good linebacker prospect, but a low-rated one.

Is this a prelude to signing day?

Maybe. Does the Ingram commitment herald a Bama sweep on National Signing Day?

The signing of a linebacker by Auburn could foretell the direction Jerrell Harris will take on Wednesday. It could be a big sign the Tigers have conceded in the race for one of the nation’s best linebackers.

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Auburn still got a solid recruit in Spencer Pybus. He has very good stats, and good have strong upside based on his stats. But it is doubtful Auburn would have signed him over Harris.

What are Auburn fans starting to say about the sub-par recruiting going on by Tommy Tuberville? Here’s a sample of posts from an Auburn blog:

Posted by AuburnME93

Um… Okaaay. So now we’re battling Duke for recruits? Obviously, the coaches know the jig is up for this year and are just using up the remaining scholarships on “character” guys. That’s the only thing you can conclude when they start signing long-snappers, undersized/unheralded linebackers, and wide receivers they were willing to “greyshirt” just a couple of weeks ago. I don’t look for Auburn to get any of its remaining big-name targets, with the possible exception of Davis.

Posted by AU81TIGER

Duke among others ? Probably Georgia Southern, UAB or Jax State.
He’s a 2 star wb linebacker . What is going on with TT and recruiting ? Is he hunting in Arkansas again ?
Bama got another 4 star running back from Michigan.
Not good.

You guys don’t can stick your stars where the sun don’t shine. Anyone want to look at the kids number. 40 inch verticle leap, 4.55 forty, 39 reps at 185 lbs, Those numbers were as good as any four star LB at the Nike Camp in Atlanta. He is a 2 star on rivals and that don’t mean a hill of beans. In the 2006 and 2007 NFL drafts, 139-3 stars and 197-2 stars were drafted so lighten up. If Tubbs wants him, I’ll take him.

Stop drinking the Kool Aid, please. This class will be horrible in two – three years. Lucky to have 5-7 contributors in it. What is CTT doing? Here is a suggestion for him: Start recruiting and stop duck hunting!

I trust CTT.
Auburn has proven that they recruit players. Maybe other schools look at rivals and scout to decide who they should recruit, but character and potential is also very important.
Rivals and Scout look a what a player did in high school in their senior year. They are not looking at future potential but at how they are RIGHT NOW. CTT looks at what recruit can become, not just what can he do right now. With good coaching and training from Coach Yox, I know that some of Auburn’s 1 and 2 star players will become impact players in their junior and senior years.