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National Signing Day is less than 24 hours away, and the foretaste of what may happen starts today at 2:30 p.m. central when Michigan prep star Mark Ingram Jr. makes his decision known.

Alabama has emerged as a strong contender for this running back who amassed 1,700 yards, 24 touchdowns and averaged 8.7 yards per carry during his senior season.

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According to, Ingram is one of the best runners available this late in the year:

“He had some of the top running schools in the country after him and to be honest, I still think he is a little undervalued because getting a running back of this caliber this late in the process is a steal because a lot of the nation running backs were already off the board. Whoever gets him is getting a terrific talent and a guy I personally think can have an impact next year.”

I’m always skeptical about any freshman immediately contributing. But Ingram is a strong runner, who could help the rotation.

“From a talent standpoint, Ingram brings a huge amount to the table,” said BamaOnline Recruiting Editor Tim Watts. “The thing that standouts about him is how solidly built he is. He has the frame to get the tough yards between the tackles and he is thick and compact so he bounces off tacklers and gets extra yards. He reminds me of a heavier Terry Grant with the same speed.

That sounds a lot like a Shaun Alexander-type running back. I’m not comparing the two, just saying that Alexander is a physical and fast running back with great vision. One of the best ever at Alabama, and Ingram sounds a lot like a young version of him.

Ingram is the son of former NY Giant Super Bowl star Mark Ingram Sr.

The NY Daily News provided a feature on Ingram Sr. on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Ingram tale is a sad one. The great Super Bowl play gave way to a troubled life after football. Ingram Sr. has spent time in jail for a range of crimes, according to the Daily News report. But Ingram Sr. has tried to share those mistakes with his college and future NFL prospect son.

Ingram believes his son will be a star in college, and knows the NFL is a possibility, so he shares all his mistakes with him, hoping Mark Jr. will avoid the pratfalls of professional stardom.

“I share that when we speak,” Ingram says. “It’s something I don’t hide from him.”

“He teaches me about Xs and Os, but that’s not even everything,” Ingram Jr., 5-10, 195-pound speedster, says. “It’s more than that.

Football provides an opportunity, and the lessons Ingram Sr. shares about the pitfalls off the gridiron can help his son to greatness—regardless of where the standout decides to play football.


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