Luginbill doesn’t understand recruiting

Tom Luginbill was on Paul Finebaum’s Radio show Monday afternoon. On the show, Luginbill talked more about his process, and why Alabama is rated lower than UGA and UF in the ESPN rankings.

Luginbill constantly reached to the NFL and draft metaphors to explain how recruiting works, and how his system works. Basically, Luginbill said a class is ranked based not only on the quality of athletes, but on how the recruits fill needs on the team.

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But that is a fundamental misunderstanding of the recruiting process. It isn’t like the NFL draft. Very few freshmen can immediately contribute in major college football.

If you are recruiting to fill a need for an immediate player, then you have a recipe for disaster, and your recruiting has sucked for the last several years.

Moreover, recruiting is a long term process where you amass the talent needed at every position to create a roster full of excellent players.

Recruiting isn’t a draft. Luginbill should understand that. His myopic view focused on professional football’s talent evaluation methods, and ranking draft success just doesn’t apply in college football.

His method is also even more subjective, and therefore less reliable, than the methods used by the other major recruiting services, and

All recruiting rankings should be taken with a pound of salt. But anything related to ESPN, and Luginbill’s flawed system should be discounted completely.