Come Back to Mobile?

What moron came up with that ad campaign showed during the NFL Network’s presentation of the Senior Bowl? Isn’t that just admitting your town was a joke? Isn’t that admitting the stereotype of Alabama was correct—that stereotype where the state and its people are backwards, and have just now entered the 20th Century, instead of the 21st Century?

Shouldn’t any ad campaign speak to the positives of your town? Shouldn’t it show the town’s slick modern accomplishments?

The big projects headed to Mobile like ThyssenKrupp were only mentioned in passing. Unfortunately, the lasting images were the borderline hick local officials pleading with bright young people, “To come come back home because we dun got gud jobs!”

Mobile has much more to offer than this pitiful ad campaign showed.

Whoever was in charge of that marketing effort should have their head examined. All I took away from the commercial was a sense of shame.

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    Wow. Just wow. I didn’t even think of checking out the website for that idiotic commercial series.

    One more black mark for the ad campaign. The website should work if you promote it on television.

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    Andy in California

    The ad did get my attention, enough to check out the website. Yes, the website is broken.
    I do think it was a good idea to attract former residents of Mobile to move back. For the most part they have family and friends still there.As you start a family of your own , that becomes more important then it might have right out of school.
    I agree the ad could be better then the final product turned out to be but I think it is a good idea.

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