Deep breath time

Fans have tons of advice for Nick Saban on hiring an assistant coach.

Thank God, Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this shit. He isn’t going to name a coach based on popularity. He is going to pick a coach based on what works for him. Leadership is like that; leaders don’t stick a finger into the air and see which way the wind is blowing. Leaders pick a direction and get everyone moving in the same direction.

Fans have a right to be concerned, and share thoughts on who should or shouldn’t be named a coordinator. It is fine for fans to even talk about offensive philosophies. However, fans take things to an extreme. Peruse fan message boards, or even my email, and you’ll see fans screaming about how bad Joe Pendry is or how lame a conservative I-formation offense might be.

The best Alabama bloggers here and here are almost unanimously opposed to “NFL minded, risk averse play caller(s).”

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However, this is a great chance for me to point out something John Madden said many times about how easy it is to take big gambles in football, “In coaching, sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Sometimes you just have to kick the field goal.”

Today everyone says you must score points to win in modern college football.

They said the same thing in 1992, when Alabama won with defense.

I’m going back to one big comment I’ve made over and over about Mike Shula’s offense. It worked.

In fact, Shula’s offense racked up lots of yardage on most SEC opponents. The problem was scoring in the red zone, which was a result of conditioning, execution and leadership—NOT OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY.

Any offense will work, provided you block and execute. Some offenses exploit and expose defensive weaknesses better.

You can win with any offense if you block and tackle better than the opposition (and of course have very good talent.)

Fans should relax. The offense can only improve in 2008 regardless of who is calling the plays.

Quick Note: has released its preseason Top 25. Alabama comes in at #24: 24. Alabama  2007 Record: 7-6   
Nick Saban’s first season was supposed to be about building towards the future, and now the future has to be now. The offensive line has the potential to be the best in the SEC, while all the top running backs, and QB John Parker Wilson, return in the backfield. The receiving corps has to replace D.J. Hall and Matt Caddell, while the defense has to find replacement for end Wallace Gilberry, two linebackers and top CB Simeon Castille.