AU observers begin to admit problems

Pundits covering AU now admit there are serious problems in the Auburn athletic department.

Of course, the myth in this story is that Will Muschamp was happy. Muschamp was already aloof, according to one person who spoke with Muschamp during early December—not long after AU’s win over UA.

The Auburn blog raises this question: “Are the lines of communication between Jacobs, Tuberville and the rest of the coaching staff so bad that they can’t pick up the phone and get clarification? All of their offices sit together on the second floor of the athletic department. Can you not walk in and get an answer?”

The problem isn’t simply the Athletic Department. The problem also rests with Tuberville. He has his favorites, takes them hunting and then ignores the ones he doesn’t like (cough, Al Borges, cough).

Simply put, the blame for the mess in Auburn can’t all rest with the administration. There is blame to be placed on Tuberville too.

The blogger goes further to question Jacob’s ability to lead. However, Jacobs and his bosses at AU know the truth about Tuberville. They recognize everything said about Tuberville by critics is true—Tuberville is an 8-4 type, average coach; Tuberville won’t win championships especially now in the more competitive SEC West; Tuberville was successful not because of his merit, but because of NCAA probation hurting his chief competition in recruiting.

Other items for Monday:
Alabama targets top prep prospects with a big January recruiting weekend coming up, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

Where will Arkansas focus its recruiting? It looks like Texas will be a major ground for an attempt to revive the Razorback program. According to one report, Petrino’s staff has substantial experience recruiting in Texas.

BCS previews:
When it is a big game, coaching matters. Last year, Tressel’s team wasn’t ready after the long layoff. I suspect he won’t make the same mistake two years in a row. While OSU is 0-8 against the SEC in bowl games, surely that streak has to end sometime.

Also, Miles is a moron, and that is a big edge to give to the Ohio State University. One other note, LSU’s defense hasn’t looked as good during the season’s stretch run as it did during the early part of the season in games against MSU and Va. Tech. I give the edge to OSU.