Report: Chaos on the plains

According to, the Texas site, Auburn’s defensive coordinator Will Muschamp was hired by the Longhorns.

Not only does Auburn face the learning curve for a new offense, but reportedly must now face a new defensive coordinator in 2008.

Of course, the burning question is why would anyone make the move from Auburn to Austin.

Wait, never mind. I think we all know why.

Auburn is the Longhorns farm system for coaches. This makes two coaches Mack Brown has lured away from the Tigers.

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There is a real question for Auburn to face, what are the problems, and are there any solutions? What does Muschamp’s exodus tell us? Things aren’t so rosy on the Plains. There remains serious problems in their program—that much is obvious.


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    I wish we could take advantage of these “serious problems”. True, they’ve had problems down there since 2003, but we’re still losing to them and their 110th rated offense.

  2. 2

    “Chaos?” No. I know you wish that were true, but it’s not.

    Given the number of head coaches and assistants UAT has run through since Bryant died — not to mention staring down the death penalty from the NCAA — I’d say you all know all about “chaos” in your football program. You are 10-16 vs. Auburn since Bryant’s death, so you need to be cleaning up your own house.

    Auburn will hire a new DC. Life (and victories) will go on.

  3. 3


    Keep feeling secure. A coach doesn’t leave a job to take a pay cut at another, unless there are serious issues. Something isn’t right and I think we’ll find out more in the next few weeks.

    The Tide is rising back to where it is supposed to be and the farmers are about to be back where they are supposed to be.

  4. 4

    We feel very secure, loser. Auburn has a very stable situation and Tubbs will be inundated with interested coaches at the convention. I don’t know a single Auburn fan that is truly concerned. Your coach, on the other hand, has a hard time finding decent coaches to work for him, which is why you had to get your OC from that powerhouse RICE. Nobody wants to work for that little diva except people who are desperate.

    And UAT is still where it is “supposed to be” — the laughingstock of college football. Even more so when you goobers talk that gibberish about being where you are “supposed to be.” You really have no idea how irrelevant UAT is.

  5. 5

    How many SEC championships have you won the past 10 years? Oh, yeah I forgot, the same number that Bama has. ONE. Sure you’ve had a good run but it’s about to come to an end because the playing field is level once again. You talk about Bama being irrelevant but you should look in the mirror. You’ve won a bunch of games the past 6 years but you don’t have anything to show for it. You’re a stepchild and always have been. Get back to me when you have won more SEC championships than Georgia Tech, which hasn’t been in the SEC in decades. LOL.

  6. 6

    First and foremost, how many games did API win from 1990-2002, prior to Alabama’s 5 year period of probation? I do believe it was only 4. Ironically enough, they gain success over their instate superior AFTER the NCAA struck.

    Kevin is simply an Aubarn redneck who is truly devoted to his barnie religion — and like 99.9% of the entire barnie family, they suffer from inferiority complex, little man’s disease, and refusing to cope with the fact that their school will forever live in the shadow of our school (aka being the ugly little redheaded stepchild of the state). Barnies hate Alabama more than they love Alabama Tech, which often leads us Bammers to believe reason being is simply because each of those avid ‘Bama haters only hate Alabama because they weren’t accepted into The University of Alabama, and Alabama Polytechnic Institute welcomed those rejects with open arms.

    Kevin, I realize trying to level with an API fan is like trying to level with a dead dog, but obviously you haven’t been an API “fan” long enough to realize the big differential between the UA and API football programs.

    You guys had a field day (and I’m not speaking literally with all the rodeos you guys throw in that backwoods town) with our weakened state. Your coach used our weakened state as a focal point to expand his paycheck. It’s a proven fact. After calling for his head and realizing you guys couldn’t even fire his ass, all of a sudden, UA’s program falls apart, and the man suddenly (and oddly) compiles a record of 33-5 over a 3 year period and suddenly he’s walking on water. Not to mention in 3 of those 6 games, we didn’t even feature our entire starting lineup due to injuries and those injured players were our key guys.

    Not to mention the majority of those wins was due to costly mistakes on our behalf which led you guys to sneak away with a hairline victory and you acted as if you completely blew us out.

    If you seriously think relying on costly mistakes on our behalf is going to continue to win for you, you’d better think twice. Recruiting wise, everything’s back to normal and once this superior talent starts flowing in, you guys won’t be fortunate enough to come away with close ones over these guys, especially considering Tubby now has the mediocre talent and is being one upped by his “cross state superior.”

    Keep flaunting those 6 wins because once we put an end to that nonsense, we’ll still own the all time win record and 6 will only be a forgotten memory.

    Remember, we went through this exact phase in the 1950s after you defeated us 5 straight years. You guys boldly said UA would NEVER defeat API again. We’ll never see a repeat of the Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade days. Then, Bear Bryant took over and gradually made API a go getting bitch.

    Same thing happened in the 1980s. Pat Dye won 4 straight and immediately following that streak after hearing UA would never defeat API again, Gene Stallings came along and slapped his overrated ass into retirement NEVER losing to him.

    Now we’re back to square one, and like always, history will repeat itself. It’s only a matter of time before Tubby is revealed as the overrated bastard that he was before cleverly managing to fill Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA.

    API is simply put: PATHETIC!

  7. 8
    Stable Situation???

    Kevin: “We feel very secure, loser. Auburn has a very stable situation…”

    Tubbs flirting with A&M and Arkansas, losing OC and DC!

    Very Stable Situation!

  8. 9

    Have a thorough look-see at this page, Kevin: This is both your present and future:

    It’s truly sad when someone as bright as yourself doesn’t notice the signs around them.

    Something is terribly wrong when you’ve “dominated” your instate rival for six consecutive years, yet all of your recruiting prospects have either already verbally committed to that team, or has that certain team listed ahead of your team in their schools of interest.

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