Propst exposed


True to his word, former Hoover Gazette reporter Hunter Ford used a column in the Western Star, a Bessemer area newspaper, to expose the personal indiscretions of Hoover’s Rush Propst.

I saw the Propst story in the July 4 edition of the Western Star because I buy newspapers in every town I visit. It is an old habit that paid off today, as I read the National Enquirer style revelation.

The Story
According to the Western Star, Propst has fathered three children with a mistress. Ford does not reveal the name of the woman or the children. But he does reveal some of his difficulties in getting the story, namely, nobody wanted to go on the record. He did semi-identify one of his sources, the lawyer who handled the divorce for the ex-husband of Propst’s mistress. From the column: “I can tell you I represented (the ex-husband) and there was adultery involved,” the lawyer said. “I can tell you that my client (the ex-husband) was done wrong. And I’ll tell you that there was a Hoover football coach involved. This is all off-the record right?” Right.

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Other elements of the column

Ford reveals one Hoover school board member doesn’t care about the affair allegations. He quotes the anonymous board member: “I don’t care if Rush is dating a goat.”

Ford also questions why some television media personalities haven’t covered the story. He asks if they failed to cover the story because they are covering up for Propst or afraid to lose access to a “ratings booster.”

Ford doesn’t stop there. He questions why Hoover’s only community newspaper would “put a gag order” on persons talking about the story.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a Western Star website. The email address for the paper goes to a domain name that is not associated with a website ( If I find a link, I’ll be sure to post it.

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  1. 2
    Hunter Ford

    Here is the entire column

    Football teaches life lessons, right?

    By Hunter Ford

    Two weeks ago I found out about a story I could not have made up in my wildest dreams.
    Hoover High School football coach, “Rock Star” Rush Propst of MTV fame has been having an affair outside of his marriage and has fathered three children with his mistress.
    Nobody told me there would be days like these. But in these strange “days of our lives” I have confirmed through numerous sources that this story about Rock Star Rush is absolutely 110 percent true. To protect the innocent I have promised not to name any names. For the purpose of this column I will refer to Rush’s mistress as “Feleena.”
    My sources include members of Feleena’s family, personal friends of hers and attorneys who have knowledge of her affair with Rock Star.
    One of the attorneys I talked with represented Feleena’s ex-husband in the divorce case that was initiated when Rock Star got Feleena pregnant for the first time.
    Everybody’s talking but no one says a word. In typical fashion, when a story like this sees the light of day many people come out of the woodwork wanting to talk about it, but none of them want their names used. There are many good reasons for that.
    When I contacted the attorney that handled the divorce case for Feleena’s ex-husband, I asked him if he could confirm the story.
    “I can tell you I represented (the ex-husband) and there was adultery involved,” the lawyer said. “I can tell you that my client (the ex-husband) was done wrong. And I’ll tell you that there was a Hoover football coach involved. This is all off-the record right?” Right.
    Now comes the philosophical question about whether anybody cares about what Rock Star and Feleena do with their private time.
    Obviously Feleena’s ex-husband cared about it. “Rock Star” has a family with the wife he is married to… I assume they care. But, I talked with a member of the Hoover School Board and he told me “I don’t care if Rush is dating a goat. What does it have to do with the price of tea in China?”
    In other words, if Rock Star continues to win football games, then he can be full-throttle, wide-open with any off-the-field indiscretion and certain people will always be there to shelter him.
    And where is the mainstream news media on this story? I am told that at least some television news reporters have known about the allegations for quite awhile. Are they intentionally covering up for Rock Star? Is it because they just like him so much? Or is it because they are afraid to lose one of their biggest ratings boosters? When certain TV (sports journalists) aren’t too busy dialing in their vote for American Idol, they are usually riding in Rock Star’s back pocket. And why would Hoover’s only community newspaper put a gag order on anybody who would dare talk about this affair?
    A member of the Hoover City Council had a slightly different take on the situation.
    “I would normally not think it was too big of an issue whether or not somebody has had an affair,” the councilor said. “That is a highly personal matter and I don’t think it should be something that affects a person’s job. But in this case it looks like (Rock Star) may be flaunting this.”
    Whoa! Now, that was a very revealing statement. Rock Star’s affair has been an open secret in some circles for years. Feleena has been seen at Hoover football games and she and Rock Star openly hang out together in her hometown out in Hazzard County.
    So, Rock Star thinks he is badder than ole King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog. He loves to wave his championship rings under everybody’s nose. He thinks he is invincible. Maybe he is.
    This deal about an extramarital affair didn’t come out by itself. It was finally revealed in the context of a larger story involving the resignation of the Hoover High School athletic director. In the aftermath of that resignation came allegations about grade-fixing and possible violations of the rules of the Alabama High School Athletic Association.
    The Hoover High School principal told the world that he had looked into the grade-fixing allegations and that he found nothing. The very next day the superintendent of the Hoover school system told the world that the word of the Hoover principal was not good enough for him. The superintendent said he was bringing in a former federal judge to conduct an “independent” investigation.
    Just so happens that this former federal judge went to law school with another former judge whose last name happens to be Propst.
    Is it all one big coincidence?
    For the record, I attempted to contact Rock Star Rush Propst several times before writing this column. He chose not to respond to my request to talk with him and get his version of the story.
    As I said before, I couldn’t have imagined this story in my wildest dreams. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Mama!

  2. 3

    Congrats on getting the story, and having a reputable newspaper print it.

    BTW, the Western Star needs a website. If you guys need one (or Tribble publications needs help on getting them) I know an IT consultant who works with a few newspaper guys and they might be able to help.

  3. 7

    I believe the website would work for your publication on two levels. First, it would promote the quality product you guys print—thereby increasing single copy and subscription sales. Second, I’d think it would create some added revenue opportunities by up-selling retail and classified advertisers.

    Good luck if you guys persue it.

    So, is it a relief to finally get it in print? Does it have the feel of vindication that you were able to deliver what you promised to pursue?

  4. 8
    Hunter Ford

    Vindication is a scary word. But, yes I feel relieved to be able to get the story in print. I only hope that RP will address it publicly at some point very soon.

  5. 10
    Rush Propst Exposed for having Mistress and secret family - SEC Talk Forums

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  6. 12
    Rush Propst has a secret family?? WTF? « Loser with Socks

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  7. 14


    Thanks for having the guts to report what I’ve known to be the truth for many years.

    It’s been quite the story for us that live in “Hazzard County” for quite a long time. I personally have seen Rush and Feleena several times here. The children are absolutely adorable. Rush seems to love them very much and takes very good care of them.

    I hate it for Feleena’s family. Her parents are very well respected and are wonderful people. They love those children dearly. I hate to see such a wonderful family dragged through the media like this.

    Rush should have expected this, being in the spotlight, like he’s been. It couldn’t be kept a secret for long.

    It is my understanding that Rush’s wife has known about this for a long time and has chosen to live with it, rather than fight it.

    For all of you bashing, Hunter, you should lay off. He just reported the truth.

    I think that Rush should do the right thing and ‘fess up. If he’s a real man, he’ll admit his mistakes and choose which woman he wants to be with. He has children that need his support and love with both women. He just has to figure out how to make it work in a respectable way and get on with his career.

  8. 16
    Huntter Ford

    Thanks for all the nice people who have defended me. For those who are trashing me… Give Peace a Chance.

  9. 17

    I am so glad that Hunter finally was able to go to print with this story! I have been waiting so long for this to finally come out. I would like to clarify one thing, Hunter when you said you were getting your “three little ducks” in a row, you were so close but not quite right. You could probably write a story about it and it would be “three little Pages” long. Not ducks, but Pages.

  10. 18
    Huntter Ford

    It’s funny that the old page would let somebody put their stamp on the new pages…but this whole thing is a strange story.

  11. 19
    Hunter Ford

    No, I said that wrong. It is weird that the old page would let someone keep his stamp on the new pages when he was not the author of the new pages.

  12. 20

    It seems that wants to censor any information that is revealed about the current relationship situation with Rush and “Feleena” aka Stephanie **** ****.

    Everytime that we post anything about it in their hoover forums, they remove it. Also whenever a link to this article is mentioned, they remove it.

    Sounds like a coverup to me.

    I know that you could have revealed more but didn’t.

    Let me add some details.

    Stephanie lives in Pell City. She graduated from Pell City HS around 1987 or 1988. The first kid is around 2 or 3 years old. The 2nd is around 15 months. the third is around 3 months.

    Although I’ve never heard Rush preach any sort of morality. I hope that everyone that allows their children to play for him understand what type of character they are dealing with.

    editor’s note: I redacted the rest of the woman’s name for two purposes. First, it was information not revealed by the reporter. Second, this person is not a public figure, and doesn’t deserve the additional scrutiny this post created. Now, if Mr. Ford publishes the name in his newspaper, I don’t have any problem having it discussed here. But in fairness to the persons involved, unless it is verfied, we aren’t going to broadcast it.

  13. 23

    Editor, I understand that you don’t want to reveal names. You have a great service and I wouldn’t want to see it get into trouble.

    I’ll remember to Duck the next time I turn the Page. 🙂

  14. 24

    Hunter, you bring up a good point about the new “Pages” and the old “Page” not being the author. You know it is easier to hind things when the wrong author is stamped on someone else’s “Pages”. It seems to mislead others. As far as I know, I don’t think the old author knows that they were stamped on the new “Pages”.

  15. 25
    Uncle jesse

    millegirl he is right about getting his three little DUCK in a row, or maybee it should be three little PROPST in a row

  16. 26

    I believe that if Hunter looks closer at the “Certificates” on those LITTLE DUCKS, he is only going to find that they were decoys. You have to look real close at those types of “Page”s, especially when they belong to other authors.

  17. 27

    Can’t believe Western Star is ballsy enough to run something like this on MTV Coach when everybody else has tried to “keep it down home, cuz.” I can, however, believe the paper doesn’t have a website. Somebody in Bessmuh (y’heah) needs to come up off the wallet and join us in the 21st century!
    Instant Karma’s gonna get Rush, his next TV gig will be “Big Love” on HBO.

  18. 28

    It looks like someone has taken some initiative to stop the censorship.

    Visit for more info.

    And also keep supporting the Capstone Report. They have a great site.

    Thanks for allowing me to post this.

  19. 29

    “Two weeks ago I found out about a story I could not have made up in my wildest dreams.”

    In your wildest dreams you couldn’t have imagined a high-profile coach married to a very plain woman having an affair?

    I’m not a Propst fan either, but I see why you worked for a weekly newspaper. Maybe they just used this whole Propst affair as an excuse to get rid of a dreadful reporter.

    Good luck with the job search…

  20. 30

    Hunter, I am behind you 100%! I am so glad someone FINALLy had the guts to publish this story. This is something that has been known for many many years! It has been taken to news media, radio,BOE, and etc and everyone looked the other way because who he is! Keep it up! I am proud you weren’t scared off like so many others have been over the years to report this story!

  21. 31

    Hunter , you may want to check more closely at the PAGES on the certificates.
    I am not sure the old page knows that someone has stamped new pages. Since he is not the author, I know it may sound crazy, but something to look into.

  22. 32
    Hunter Ford

    It’s high time for the games to begin

    By Hunter Ford
    TWS Staff Writer

    It is summertime in Alabama and football fans are stir- crazy in the heat waiting for the first cool breeze of fall, the smell of fresh cut grass on the practice fields and the most glorious season of all-college football season.
    There are lots of allegations and lots of smack talk going around about everybody from Nick Saban, to Tommy Tuberville, to… well, certain “rock star” high school coaches. Forget about all that for a while and let me take you on a journey down the sidelines of my memories.
    When I was a toddler in the early 1970s my father was a law student at The University of Alabama. I am told that he used to take me to Bryant-Denny Stadium to watch some of the best Crimson Tide teams of all time.
    Unfortunately I was too young to remember. However, when I was about eight-years-old I vividly remember watching the Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Penn State on television. Bear Bryant didn’t wear his hounds tooth hat inside the Superdome because his “Mama” told him not to wear a hat indoors. But the cameras caught him smoking a cigarette on the sideline. Man how times have changed.
    The first game I remember attending was 1980 at Legion Field- Alabama vs. Notre Dame. Bama lost to the Irish 7-0 in an epic defensive struggle. I cried like a baby. But I will never forget walking through the gates that day and seeing Alabama’s crimson jerseys and Notre Dame’s shiny gold helmets juxtaposed against the bright green Astro-Turf. After that game I went to several more Alabama games with my Dad and my late grandfather. Alabama didn’t lose another game I attended in person for several years after the Notre Dame debacle. I truly believed with all my heart that my superior cheering skills had something to do with that.
    With the off-season hullabaloo coming to a nasty crescendo, I’m more than ready to hear the sweet music of a live marching band and see action on the field instead of in the papers or on the airwaves. My own son is of age now to enjoy watching the games with me.
    I’m ready to relive my childhood memories when watching college football was about spending time with my family and reveling in youthful, innocent fun.

  23. 33
    Capstone Report » Hunter Ford’s new column

    […] Hunter Ford posted a new sports column in our comment section. I thought it was a good read, and would be a little easier to read in its own section. You can read where he posted it by clicking here. Mr. Ford is a staff writer with The Western Star in Bessemer. Bessemer is one of my favorite places in the state because of two places: Bob Sykes and the Bright Star. Anyway, on to the column: It’s high time for the games to begin […]

  24. 34
    L Hatfield

    Hunter, keep up the controvery, it gives the “Cigar club” in Eufaula something to talk about. We stogie smokers miss seein’ you at Thursday lunch on Sam’s front porch.

  25. 35
    Know the whole story Guy

    ***EDITED*** He is the furtherest thing from a good role model, husband or father and I would NEVER allow my children to play football for this tool! And that is….”The rest of the story”!!!!!

    Good Job Hunter!!!!!!

  26. 36
    Capstone Report » Propst story won’t die

    […] Hunter Ford called into the Paul Finebaum show Wednesday afternoon following what appeared to be the Western Star’s apology for the Hunter Ford column which it ran in its July 4 edition. The column available by clicking here, alleged Hoover coach Rush Propst had an affair. […]

  27. 37
    W. George

    I’m no defender of the conduct Propst is accused of, and if he is guilty he should not be a leader of high school boys. However, the story seems to protect everyone but Propst, saying names are changed or withheld to protect the “innocent.” Is the woman involved in this innocent? Is the unnamed board member who said he didn’t care if Propst was dating a goat innocent? Why not name these names, especially the public figure board member?

  28. 38

    I listened to Mr.Ford on Wednesday on Paul’s show – his observation that he might seek employment at Wal-Mart – now that his writing career is over – is right on. I would urge folks to listen to the call to the show and judge for yourself. Nobody can be proud or happy how this thing has played out.

  29. 39

    Hunter Ford comes on a radio station and based on rumor alone precedes to make claims about Rush Probst that may or may not be true. He did it while representing a newspaper. He was told by the newspaper to stop speaking about it, while representing the newspaper because newspapers with journalistic integrity, unlike the National Enquirer, do not try to present unsubstantiated stories. Ford continues to do so and get’s rightfully fired. Weeks pass and Ford, continuing to dig into this story, which would be no stretch to imagine he has an axe to grind now since he was fired over it, he states people have come forward to establish that the story is true. He doesn’t give any names of these sources. He claims a lawyer made statements to him and Dixie Pixie commented on that rather well. If anyone reads his editorial one can not honestly say that it was well written, contained any substantiated facts or showed unbiased journalism. Rather it showed terrible writing, statements from the worst classification of journalistic sources and conveyance of a strong and immature dislike of the person the story is centered on.

    Whether Probst is a jerk or not is not my concern since I don’t have to work or talk with him. The parents of these football players are adults and there is no law on the books that state that they must keep their kids off the team because other people….people far removed from the High School and county for that matter, think he is a jerk.

    Whether Probst has had an affair and fathered 3 children from a mistress has not been substantiated one bit by Hunter Ford. Now I know the jury of public opinion holds even less to a real jury’s concept of innocent until proven guilty but I think it is just indictive of people that easily believe something just because they really want to believe it.

    Bush is a liar. Bush is Hitler. Bush is a terrorist. Bush created a hurricane and designed a faulty levy system that entraped a bunch of poor people that he deceived into sticking around, Bush is the devil, hippy, hoppity boo.

    No differnt than Rush “Rock-Star” Probst being an adulterer. We don’t like um therefore we want them to be guilty in order to justify our irrational hatred.

  30. 41
    UAB Grad

    What do you have to say, Mr. Ford? You started writing for the Kaleidoscope at UAB. You’ve been writing for start-up publications. You’ve probably bored your friends and family with verbose emails. Now you post paragraphs and paragraphs in comments sections of web pages. You spent all those years writing, writing, writing; and still nothing to say?

    C’mon man. I’m challenging you. Step it up. Take it to the next level. Quit swimming around the low waters!

  31. 42
    Know the whole story Guy

    Mr. Ford has done his job and done it well. What about all the other coaches for larger universities that get caught red-handed for having affairs and it is nationwide news? This situation is no different in my eyes. This is a coach who is responsible for providing guidance to young people. I would never send my child to Hoover High School knowing that there is a man who is supposed to be a mentor to my child and lives a double life such as he does.

    Yes, to many people it very well could all be speculation, but there are many of us who know the actual truth and know for fact what Mr. Ford reported is accurate information. I agree that the football program has brought a lot of media to the Hoover community, but is fame worth having your child grow up to believe that being an adulterer is acceptable? I strive daily to raise my boys with a good and honest hand, head, and heart. How unfair it would be to have all that hard work taken away simply because Rush “Rock-Star” Propst relayed a subliminal message that it is ok to have a mistress and illegitimate children all while pretending to have the perfect “Propst” family at home under the microscope of the world.

    I hate what has happened to Hunter Ford. I never knew of this man until the story broke; however, he did his job and did it well. Maybe he was not to report on this story, but certain things just should not be swept under the carpet and kept hush-hush. I cannot help but wondering how many negative things do actually go on at Hoover High School now after seeing so many people go to great lengths to keep this story quite….and it all being for the “sake” of the community, because the “Rock-Star” has done so much good.

    I have to go and puke now…..

  32. 44
    Tess Malone

    I don’t care if he has 10 secret families. I do care that everyone is keeping this in the news. So what if he has another family? Its his life, his values, his conscience, whatever. Not for us to judge. You don’t know what his wife thinks. You only know gossip. You dont know anything except what “you heard”. Rush is Hot. And y’all can’t stand it.

  33. 45
    John Bigbutae

    Story is becoming a dot on the horizon, Hunter. People have a short memory. For the sake of Rush’s wife, children, parents, nephews… I hate that you wrote this story. You put yourself before others.

  34. 46

    The affairs would be no one’s business if it were not a symptom of massive corruption including grade changing which is a violation of the school’s goals. ALL students get exploited by this type of corruption.

  35. 47

    All you jackals should get off of Rush’s back and prove that you have never sinned. Then you will be entitled to make judgments on him. In the meantime he has work to do unlike you fools.

  36. 48

    I am proud that Mr Propst is now the new coach in our county. He has admitted to some wrong doing, and apologized for it. He owes NONE OF YOU and explanation for these things. If you are sin free, then, I would say throw the stone!! We are all imperfect beings, and I am happy that Mr. Propst is going to lead our team to a whole new level!!!GO PACKERS!!!

  37. 49
    TR Spratt

    Rush Probst aka the Pillsbury Dough Boy was a pansy at football and never went anywhere as a player. 3/4 of his Hoover High team would have
    KO’d the phony. Personally, I would love 5 minutes in a back alley with this punk. His coaching was the anti-thesis to NFL Coach Tony Dungy’s, who by the way played college and NFL football. Probst is one of the worst excuses for a human being, I have ever met.

  38. 50

    Да, не ожидал что увижу сдесь столько интересного в комментах.

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