Propst exposed


True to his word, former Hoover Gazette reporter Hunter Ford used a column in the Western Star, a Bessemer area newspaper, to expose the personal indiscretions of Hoover’s Rush Propst.

I saw the Propst story in the July 4 edition of the Western Star because I buy newspapers in every town I visit. It is an old habit that paid off today, as I read the National Enquirer style revelation.

The Story
According to the Western Star, Propst has fathered three children with a mistress. Ford does not reveal the name of the woman or the children. But he does reveal some of his difficulties in getting the story, namely, nobody wanted to go on the record. He did semi-identify one of his sources, the lawyer who handled the divorce for the ex-husband of Propst’s mistress. From the column: “I can tell you I represented (the ex-husband) and there was adultery involved,” the lawyer said. “I can tell you that my client (the ex-husband) was done wrong. And I’ll tell you that there was a Hoover football coach involved. This is all off-the record right?” Right.

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Other elements of the column

Ford reveals one Hoover school board member doesn’t care about the affair allegations. He quotes the anonymous board member: “I don’t care if Rush is dating a goat.”

Ford also questions why some television media personalities haven’t covered the story. He asks if they failed to cover the story because they are covering up for Propst or afraid to lose access to a “ratings booster.”

Ford doesn’t stop there. He questions why Hoover’s only community newspaper would “put a gag order” on persons talking about the story.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a Western Star website. The email address for the paper goes to a domain name that is not associated with a website ( If I find a link, I’ll be sure to post it.

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