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Ford vs. Propst

UPDATE: Philip Propst, brother of Rush Propst, called in to the Finebaum program with a lawsuit threat against Ford. He said he was tired of his family name being drug through the mud.

Finebaum’s radio show started with an interesting conversation with fired Hoover Gazette reporter Hunter Ford, and Finebaum’s recapitulation of his talk with Rush Propst. You can hear the show online at

According to Finebaum, Propst denied the allegations and attacked Ford’s credibility. Finebaum reported Rush Propst said there was no truth to the allegations.

The allegations in question? Well, the most important one to most people, an alleged extra-marital affair.

Ford increased the stakes by once again suggesting Propst has a history of sexual dalliances going back to his days at Eufaula.

Ford received some support today from his employers at the Western Star in Bessemer. He was praised as a good worker for the newspaper.

Earlier today, one of his former supervisors at the Hoover Gazette praised him here on our discussion forums.

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