Another pro football league

The AAFL is getting buzz around the nation as tryouts began for the league, which is set to debut in 2008. According to the Birmingham News, the AAFL may bring players back home. According to the News, six former Alabama players, six former UAB players and eight former Auburn players were at the workouts.

I’m sure you are thinking what I am thinking, and that this is just what we need—another pro football league. Probably the best chance for an alternative football league was the USFL, but that league crashed and burned, and with it just about any chance of successful pro football in Alabama.

Croyle update
And in case you haven’t heard, Brodie Croyle has a good chance of leading the Kansas City Chiefs offense this season. But forget about that, Croyle has other things on his mind, like getting married July 14 to the 2006 America’s Junior Miss. Croyle isn’t doing badly since he left UA. I think marrying the beauty queen thing is probably even better than getting to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Does basketball season ever end?

Davidson is now officially a Bobcat. Jermareo Davidson joins other Bobcats for a summer mini-camp. Good for him. But, I’m wondering if basketball ever ends. In case you care about the NBA, the Tide Druid updates us on Alabama free agents in the NBA.

And in case you are interested in real SEC football, Roll Bama Roll has a nice series of posts up on Miss St. Of course, it is Miss State, and you might not care. But you should go take a look at the pictures. Trust me. It is worth it.

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