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David French falsely claims Democrats can be Christians too

No, David French, Democrats are not orthodox Christians with a biblical worldview.

David French is a parody better than The Babylon Bee at this point. In Sunday’s column French claims that people who vote for the pro-abortion, practically post-birth infanticide party, are Christians.

Seriously. This is what he wrote, “As I’ve noted before, nonwhite Democrats (and especially black Democrats) are among the most God-fearing, churchgoing members of American society. At the same time, the Republican Party would be irrelevant without its own white Evangelical base…Again, remember that both of these coalitions are chock-full of Christians.”

Sorry David. No.

Christians don’t vote for baby murder.

You’d think even someone as obtuse as David French would grasp that little truth. And, until Donald Trump came along—French wouldn’t dispute the truth that a properly informed Christian would never vote for a pro-abortion politician.

Remember way back when David French wrote this about the PCUSA? French argued the pro-abortion and radical sexual ideology embraced by the PCUSA was part of “The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s long and boring shuffle out of Christendom.”

French wrote, “The drift from biblical orthodoxy to spiritualized leftism has profound real-world consequences. The church isn’t just shuffling out of Christianity, it’s shuffling out of existence.”

And French critiques the PCUSA further by comparing its justifications for leftists: “These are not scriptural arguments. Instead, the church is offering little more than the spiritualized rhetoric of a university gender-studies department.”

And one more quote just for emphasis. French argues, “Spiritualized leftism is little more than standard leftism with the disadvantage of asking you to get up early on Sunday morning.”

The David French BT (Before Trump) was right. A church that embraces the culture of death is no church. It has abandoned the core beliefs of Christianity.

So, why can a “Christian” today individually vote for these leftist policies when French admits these policies are evil and incompatible with Church doctrine?

French attempts to explain how Christians can be in both parties by a pivot away from policies—you know the thing that is how we judge government—to the idea of virtue.

He writes, “The longer I live the more convinced I am that our Christian political ethic is upside down. On a bipartisan basis, the church has formed its members to be adamant about policies that are difficult and contingent and flexible about virtues that are clear and mandatory.”

Note the French trick here—he is claiming that a vote supporting a pro-abortion candidate is not an indicator of flawed virtue. Rather, it is just a policy disagreement.

Yet were we not told that a vote for Trump indicated a broken evangelical worldview? Russell Moore declared “To back Mr. Trump, these (evangelical) voters must repudiate everything they believe.”

Everything? The Gospel? Christian teachings?

“Everything,” the lifelong Democrat Russell Moore said.

But back to David French’s bizarre views on political theology.

French writes, “To understand what I mean, let’s refer back to one of my favorite passages in scripture—Micah 6:8. Like many biblical passages, it is simple to understand yet tough to execute: ‘He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.’”

In what perverted world would voting for a pro-abortion fanatic be considered doing justice?

French chafes at the fact that Christians rightly rank virtues or moral goods.

According to French, “In the face of the moral complexity and difficulty of the true Christian moral call, we’ve created a hierarchy of values.”

Of course. Sometimes deontological commands are in conflict. In such cases we must like the Hebrew midwives and pursue the higher good—see Dr. Norman Geisler for more on Graded Absolutism.

What French argues for in this section of his Sunday column is Christian surrender. He wants Christians not to punch back when attacked. In other words, let them toss you into the Gulag—don’t elect politicians who might fight for you and your rights.

These are the words of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys of Evangelicalism.

This is dangerous. Christians should ignore David French and his perverted political theology.

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