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Wokeism is a threat to America’s security and prosperity

How can America face China when Woke ideology is destroying a generation of Americans?

Lessons for fighting Wokeism from Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, James Lindsay & more.

Wokeism is making America weaker and poorer. As the US confronts greater geopolitical challenges it is handing rivals China and Russia advantages.

“Wokeism is not only awful and toxic on the merits. It also seems to be weakening our country precisely when we need to get stronger,” said Eldbridge Colby.

Colby served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development during the Trump Administration. He is the author of The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in the Age of Great Power Conflict—an important book mapping out how America can safeguard its interests against an expansionist CCP.

If you think a strong America is good, then you should listen to Colby.

Colby’s warning about Wokeism was in response to Edward N. Luttwak’s observation that while the US population is growing, university educated males are declining. This is worrisome for many reasons; however, at the core, the issue is that universities are Woke indoctrination camps committed to evangelizing the masses about the great evil of the patriarchy. What sane male wants to sit in class after class being told how awful they are?

And that is only the damage done to the individual from Woke indoctrination—the subjects of study are damaged too—for example the delight that Woke mathematicians took in arguing that 2+2=5.

Yes, the Woke insisted that 2+2=5 and that it was racist to claim otherwise. James Lindsay (now banned from Twitter) provoked that fiasco by posting this graphic claiming, “2+2=4: A perspective in white, Western mathematics that marginalizes other possible values.” This earned the ire of 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones.

What kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI), new weapons, or even new bridges and roads can be constructed when basic mathematics is a tool of Woke indoctrination?

Why pay for class in math where the instruction is going to teach you 2+2=5?

Wokeism is driving away a generation of males from higher education—making the US weaker in the process.

And America is not only harming itself through nutty educational fads. Our very capitalist system of free market is being weaponized against us to force Wokeism on our corporations.

Fighting Woke Finance is Vivek Ramaswamy with his new financial firm Strive Asset Management. You can learn more about this in the Wall Street Journal’s How Woke Capital Politicized Your Retirement Account.

Wokeism is destroying the dynamic advantage of the West—free markets. Woke ideology through ESG is distorting effective allocation of capital. Or, to put it plainly, by investing in Woke favored technologies and sectors, the Woke Elites are making the US and the West weaker relative to autocratic threats like from China and Russia.

According to the WSJ, “When a fund manager uses your money ‘to advance agendas that do not serve the capital owner’s interest,’ Mr. Ramaswamy says, ‘that represents a large-scale fiduciary breach.’”

This is true. But how does the average American change that? Ramaswamy’s ETFs intend to incentivize “leading companies to focus on excellence over politics,” the Journal reported.

Ramaswamy’s solution is to restore discipline to the market. This is a good move that is only one element of the war against ESG. The other involves political pushback. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stood up to Disney’s pro-grooming agenda. DeSantis raised the price of promoting leftist ideology and that is a model for all conservatives. Republican state Attorney Generals are standing up to BlackRock over its ESG promotion—something the state AGs claim puts Woke investment ideology above shareholder profits.

Conservatives and America benefit from pursuing the market solution and the legal/political solution to the challenge of ESG. However, all these take time. And how much time does the US have left before our geopolitical rivals become more aggressive?

Even Chinese Christians recognize the lunacy destroying the US.

According to one experienced US missionary who served with the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board (IMB) for well over a decade in China, Chinese Christians expressed concern to him about what was happening with Wokeism in the US. They were worried about the US politically and the US church.

One example the missionary cited was how Chinese Christians were confused and alarmed when they learned then SBC President J.D. Greear said Christians should be the fiercest advocates for gay persons. They were baffled at how an unbiblical and from their cultural view an unnatural teaching was promoted by American Christian leaders.

The pro-LGBTQ stance of leftist evangelical leaders stands in contrast with secular, atheist leaders of the CCP who banned famously banned girly men from TV.

According to NPR, “Broadcasters (in China) must ‘resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,’ the TV regulator said, using an insulting slang term for effeminate men — niang pao, or literally, ‘girlie guns.’”

Again, contrast the CCP’s ban with what is platformed in evangelical churches across American on Sundays. Is it any shock that more and more men are hating church?

The Wokeism in the church mirrors the Wokeism in elite secular institutions. The IMB is promoting diversity just like BlackRock. It boasted one new VP hire was experienced in “diversity and inclusion.” Why? Because churches should be diverse, evangelicals claim.

Chitwood promotes diversity within the IMB and as one IMB missionary tells the Capstone Report, the message filters down to the mission field with people in China getting much of the questionable teachings on a range of diversity issues including egalitarian theology—something IMB consistently denies is happening on the field.

And Chinese Christians worry about their American friends and how all of this is undermining America’s churches.

From the perspective of China, these Christians can see America tearing itself apart through Wokeism. These Christians are not concerned about the ethnic mix of their congregations. They just go about their lives under a repressive, antichristian regime. Yet, they pity what is happening to America.

That should tell us something. People can see the damage Woke ideology is doing to our churches.

De Tocqueville noted that “in America religion leads to wisdom; the observance of divine laws guides man to freedom.” Yet today the bulwark of America’s liberty and morality is not pointing citizens toward the divine law; rather, our churches are pointing toward secular Wokeism. This jeopardizes our freedoms and is yet another way Wokeism has weakened America.

The church, the free market, and education are held in the power of Wokeism. Colby is right—Wokeism is a dire threat as America faces unparalleled challenges from a rising China.

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