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Biden DOJ probes Trumpers in Southern Baptist Convention

Just in time for the midterms! Biden Justice Department probes conservatives in Southern Baptist Convention.

The federal probe of the Trump-voting Southern Baptist Convention includes ‘multiple entities.’ Will that include state entities since the SBC in court documents filed by Kevin Ezell claimed the national body has rights over state conventions and court filings by Russell Moore claimed the SBC is a hierarchy?

Waiving attorney-client privilege was strategic move to destroy the Southern Baptist Convention.

Going Woke may make one broke but it does nothing to appease Democrats. This is a lesson the Southern Baptist Convention learned Friday afternoon when denominational leaders announced that the partisans in the Biden Administration are probing the SBC. Wokevangelicals should know that to a Democrat you are just as bad as all those other evangelical Trumpers. Trying to be the last person on the train to the gulag will avail you little.

A statement released by top Southern Baptists including all the entity heads and newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber pledged to cooperate with the investigation. The statement also made clear that this probe by the DOJ would include “multiple SBC entities.”

According to the joint SBC statement, “The SBC Executive Committee recently became aware that the Department of Justice has initiated an investigation into the Southern Baptist Convention, and that the investigation will include multiple SBC entities. Individually and collectively each SBC entity is resolved to fully and completely cooperate with the investigation.”

Of course, the SBC leaders could not resist the urge to virtue signal and attempt to claim that the only problems in the SBC was due to prior leaders. According to the statement, current leaders are doing a great job. (That might be what sex abuse survivors think but it is the spin from SBC Elites.)

The joint statement said, “Current leaders across the SBC have demonstrated a firm conviction to address those issues of the past and are implementing measures to ensure they are never repeated in the future. The fact that the SBC Executive Committee recently completed a fully transparent investigation is evidence of this commitment.”

And that investigation uncovered nothing new regarding clergy sex abuse that was not already in the public domain—save one bombshell allegation involving former SBC President Johnny Hunt and another pastor’s wife and that allegation was categorically denied by Hunt.  

The Guidepost report despite the breathless spin by Russell Moore and his ilk revealed nothing not already on Google—so what was the point?

The Strategic Destruction of the Southern Baptist Convention

There is one element here that everyone can recognize—Russell Moore’s involvement in orchestrating the fiasco. Lifelong Democrat Russell Moore spent more than a decade trying to suppress conservative voter turnout in elections. In other words, the Democrat operative Russell Moore worked to harm Republican candidates by lowering the number of Christians who would vote for the conservative candidate.

As Michael O’Fallon said, this is a strategic dumpster fire designed with one purpose in mind—to advance the revolution.

O’Fallon said, “Correction: a strategic dumpster fire. Once everyone in the SBC begins to grasp that they are in the midst of an evangelical cultural revolution led by Marxists that they have been calling ‘Brothers’ for the last two decades, then they might begin to respond appropriately.”

The Bible calls Christians sheep for a reason—sheep are stupid. The sheep need shepherds and sheep dogs. Unfortunately, most of the shepherds and sheep dogs have been too winsome for any good they might’ve done to protect the Church from the intrusion of Woke ideology.

As Doug Wilson said, the sheepdogs wouldn’t bark.

But back to what O’Fallon said.

O’Fallon is right that it was folly for Christians to call Marxist revolutionaries “brothers.” Doing that legitimated the very men—men like Russell Moore—who were trying to overthrow the biblical foundation of our churches and replace the Bible with the teachings of Identity Politics (see Dr. Moore’s MLK50 Conference.)

And O’Fallon is right again when he calls this all a “strategic dumpster fire.” Everything Russell Moore has done over the last 20 years was indeed strategic. This strategic move must include Russell Moore’s false legal filing with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and another false filing with the Supreme Court of the United States.

Russell Moore’s false amicus brief with the Fifth Circuit is the most dangerous. In that filing he claimed the SBC is a “hierarchy,” where the national convention is over the lower state conventions. Of course, this is the exact opposite of every SBC legal document that claims everything is separate—however, only a fool would not see that filing as strategically harming the SBC’s immunity form ascending and descending liability.

A similar filing from Kevin Ezell claimed the SBC national mission board had powers and privileges over state conventions. This raises the question that since the SBC has done nothing to repudiate Ezell’s filings in federal court—will that come back to bite the state conventions? Will the independent state conventions be yet another SBC entity hauled into the federal investigation even when they have nothing to do with what Guidepost supposedly uncovered?

Timing of the Biden DOJ targeting the Southern Baptist Convention

It is also hard to ignore the timing of this investigation—nearing the critical midterm elections. While most of the current SBC Elite are Woke—thus not reliably Republican—you can rest assured the DOJ will find ways to bog down conservatives in the SBC.

What better way to limit a conservative SBC pastor’s involvement in the 2022 or 2024 campaign cycle than bogging them down with the baggage of being the target of or even tangentially having to answer questions in a DOJ sex abuse investigation?

And if your response to that observation is to clutch your pearls and claim, the DOJ would never be that partisan—then you haven’t been paying attention to the weaponization of law enforcement on behalf of the Democrats.

People can riot and the DOJ does nothing.

People can try to assassinate Supreme Court judges and Merrick Garland is silent.

Go to a school board meeting—AG Garland labels you a terrorist.

Have an email server with classified emails, the DOJ does nothing if you are a Democrat.

Have boxes of classified material? RAID!

The pattern is clear: the Biden DOJ cannot be trusted and is in fact a threat to our liberty. Why would you think it above pursuing partisan political goals when it predicates its investigation on Russell Moore fan fiction?

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