The Big Lie told about the Southern Baptist Convention

Will McRaney accuses the Southern Baptist Convention and NAMB of defamation.

Case involving lies told by ERLC & NAMB scheduled for Supreme Court conference on June 17. Will SCOTUS grant cert?

Letter to the SBC Executive Committee: Dr. Will McRaney released this open letter to the Southern Baptist Convention and its Executive Committee today, June 3, 2021. He outlines the false claims made by the North American Mission Board beginning at the US District Court in 2018 through its latest lies to the United States Supreme Court. This letter also provides new details about the current status of the case that NAMB appealed to the SCOTUS–it is set for conference June 17.

Below is the entire text of the letter.

To the Members of the SBC Executive Committee:

June 17 SBC will be before US Supreme Court in Conference – as NAMB Trustees make False Statements and Claims Rights Over Baptist bodies

As the SBC Executive Committee sits in loud SILENCE, unthinkably, the SBC and its cooperative relationships are now inside the halls of the Supreme Court of the United States.

In spite of the dangerous, deceptive and false claims of NAMB, the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention has not uttered a word publicly to denounce the false claims and statements of NAMB Trustees/Ezell.  Not the collective SBC EC.  Not Frank Page or Ronnie Floyd as President/CEO.  Not Mike Stone or Rolland Slade as Chairman.  If I missed the loud cries for righteousness or shouts of danger ahead warnings from Frank, Ronnie, Mike or Rolland or the SBC EC, please let me know.  

US District Court 2018 – NAMB claimed in writing to be a “Supporting Organization” of the BCMD, claimed absolute privileges over the BCMD (a State Convention), and claimed to get a release when my State Baptist Convention employer was given a release. 

5th US Circuit & SCOTUS
Basically NAMB claims…  I was an SBC minister. I was an employee of the SBC and/or NAMB.   BCMD is an SBC/NAMB entity.  NAMB and SBC were a church and had ecclesiastical privileges and protections over State Convention employees. 

May 28, 2021  “NAMB claimed in its filing May 28, 2021, “Reverend McRaney attempts to avoid certiorari by emphasizing that, though he was employed by one Southern Baptist entity, he was never employed by the particular Southern Baptist entity that he sued, namely the SBC Mission Board.” – from Capstone, NOT BPNAMB filing – Reply Brief for Petitioner.pdf

     “First, they alleged that you “claimed” to work for an SBC entity. Second, they alleged that you “worked” for an SBC entity (BCMD a State Convention) . Third, they referred to themselves as “the SBC Mission Board.” The first two are demonstrably false. The third is, at best, a half-truth.”      Pastor of Baptist Church in cooperation with SBC 

June 1, 2021 – Briefs and related materials delivered to the 9 SCOTUS justices by court clerk. 

June 17, 2021 – SBC as the sole member of NAMB will be before the 9 SCOTUS justices as they “Conference” on NAMB’s Petition.  Decision to hear the case or uphold 5th Circuit decision to be made following. 

NAMB is seeking SCOTUS protections to defame and interfere with SBC partners who are not employees of the SBC or NAMB.  What will you do?  Will there continue to be only quiet backroom conversations or will there be voices from among you who speak publicly, not to legal opinions or try the case, but “speak the truth in love” to dangerous deceptions now in the halls of the United State Supreme Court?

“Now is the time to lead.”  PAST TIME
Will McRaney 

Thoughts to Consider 
(1) Neh. 7:2  “I put in charge of Jerusalem my brother Hanani, along with Hananiah the commander of the citadel, because he was a man of integrity and feared God more than most people do.”  Not fear man more than fearing God.  Be full of integrity. 

(2) Baptist Pastor Online – “Not gonna lie, it’s kinda weird being a SB and hoping “we” lose a court case, but that’s where things are. It’s sad! Those trustees ought to be ashamed.”

(3) “Hope is not a strategy” in hoping someone else will handle this.

(4)  2 of the 5 top lies of the spiritual enemy – 1. I’m the only one, 2. It’s too hard. 

(5)  “You get what you tolerate.”

(6)  Pastor of cooperating Baptist Church – “Here is the big lie from NAMB. Read it for yourself. A state convention nor a local association are SBC entities. In fact the state entity Will McRaney worked for existed before the Southern Baptist Convention. Oops. Pesky facts. Ask yourself if an SBC entity is willing to lie to the SCOTUS should they receive funding from your church.”

(7)  Contract law?  Read any related document and see if there are contract law claims or language. 

Article for Further Reading – NAMB Claim State Conventions are SBC Entity in SCOTUS Brief – (Capstone Report)link: