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‘David raped Bathsheba’ promoter involved in new SEBTS abuse class

SEBTS mandatory sex abuse prevention class features Rachael Denhollander—a woman who claims David raped Bathsheba—and a lawyer who SEBTS does not reveal worked for the radical pro-LGBTQ Guidepost Solutions.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) announced a mandatory class for all students on sexual abuse and prevention.

According to an SEBTS release, “As a necessary step toward informing and training students concerning this issue, Southeastern is launching a mandatory course on sexual abuse prevention and response that undergraduate, graduate, and advanced students will be required to complete during their programs at Southeastern. This mandatory training course will overview practical strategies for preventing and responding to sexual abuse and will clarify biblical and theological foundations for caring well for survivors of abuse.”

The course launches August 2022. Involved in the course are SEBTS President Daniel Akin, SEBTS Provost Keith Whitfield—who was intimately involved in the disgraceful treatment of Jennifer Buck but somehow continues to be paid by tithes and offerings—along with Samantha Kilpatrick, who worked for Guidepost Solutions on the highly partisan and shoddy SBC report and, of course, Rachael Denhollander.

Odd that Kilpatrick’s association with the radical LGBTQ+ affirming Guidepost was not mentioned. It is almost like SEBTS is hiding her affiliation with Guidepost. Why would they do that?

Also, SEBTS did not announce Denhollander’s involvement. Denhollander made the announcement on social media.

She said, “Grateful for this step and privileged to be a part of it.”

Of course, this announcement came as conservatives expressed concerns about Rachael Denhollander’s misuse of the Bible to promote intersectional goals.

One person wryly noted, “All SEBTS students will now be forced to adopt the ‘David raped Bathsheba’ hermeneutic in order to graduate.”

As we’ve noted for years, SEBTS is Ground Zero for the Wokening of the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, SEBTS even launched a social justice degree that grants students a “prophetic edge.”

Conservatives rightly suspect SEBTS is untrustworthy.

This new course, the deceptive way SEBTS hides Kilpatrick’s association with Guidepost and the inclusion of Rachael Denhollander are the latest examples of how far left SEBTS has moved.

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