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Whistleblower: SEBTS teaches Critical Race Theory

SEBTS graduate says he was told he could not share a Founders Ministry article.

Scott Crawford, SEBTS 2020, came forward in a whistleblower video alleging that Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) officials told him he could not share an article by Founders Ministries. Crawford also alleges the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) by some at SEBTS.

Crawford tells of rebuke for sharing a Founders’ article on social media.

“I got an email from Ryan Hutchinson saying, ‘You can’t post that,’” Crawford said of sharing a Founders’ article raising concerns about SEBTS hire of Karen Swallow Prior. He said he was told by coworkers at the school that some people in leadership wanted him fired for his sharing that article and his concerns about the hire.

Crawford: CRT is taught at SEBTS

“CRT is being taught there,” Crawford said. “It is being taught there and it needs to be dealt with.”

Crawford named names.

Crawford said, “Some people at Southeastern, namely Walter Strickland and a few students, are being held captive by false ideologies.”

Dr. Strickland is featured in a compilation at the end of Crawford’s video. The compilation provides significant quotes and what Crawford says is evidence of the promotion of racial identity politics at SEBTS. The compilation includes over 15 minutes of primary sources promoting CRT concepts and racially divisive rhetoric.

Strickland is important because he is promoting multiculturalism (also known as cultural relativism) and diversity via the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). You can read more about how the Woke virus is spreading from our colleges, universities and seminaries to Christian K-12 and even homeschools.

The video is important because it contains first-hand testimony of what a recent SEBTS student experienced during his time on campus at the Woke SEBTS.

Further, the video is important because it provides the video proof of Wokevangelicals run amok under Danny Akin’s watch.

The video runs about 40 minutes. You should watch it.

Also, you should demand answers from SBC Elites who enable this type of nonsense.

And if you are involved with a Christian K-12 or homeschool, be sure to ask ACSI why it is partnering with Wokevangelicals like Walter Strickland on diversity training.

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