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A vote for Democrats is unchristian, unloving, and a sin

New actions by Democrats in New York showcase leftist tyranny and illustrate why Christians must never vote Democrat.

Every vote for a Democrat—for any office—is a vote to murder babies and undermine liberty. Any Christian who votes for a Democrat should be expelled from their church. We’ve made that case many times including yesterday. However, New York proves once again the dangers present from leftists to anyone with a Christian worldview.

New York’s legislature passed new gun regulations that hint at the dystopian future coming if Democrats win elections.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Applicants must also disclose former and current social-media accounts used during the past three years.”

Why should the state have this information? They will no doubt claim it is to make sure someone isn’t posting dangerous things; however, what will Leftists define as dangerous? Posting Trump memes?

Imagine what power this gives the state.

Imagine the potential abuses.

As many warned about Red Flag laws, they will be weaponized by leftists to take guns away from conservatives. Note how Rep. Eric Swalwell wants to use Red Flag laws against—of all people—Ben Shapiro.

This is the plan of all Democrats. They intend to take away your liberties. They want you at the mercy of rioters and criminals. They want you at their mercy.

New York did not stop at this Soviet-style crackdown on gun rights. No, they want to enshrine in the state constitution a right to abortion.

According to the WSJ, the New York legislature, “started the process of amending the state constitution to cement the right to an abortion in an extraordinary session called in response to recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings.”

State representative Yuh-Line Niou said, “Tonight, New York sent a message to the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority: we will not stand idly by while you strip away the rights of our citizens and flood our streets with guns…Let’s be clear: the far right will never stop attacking our fundamental freedoms. Tonight we sent the message that New Yorkers are ready to fight back.”

Previously, we reported how a New York state representative who calls Tim Keller her pastor is a radical Democrat who has a perfect score from Planned Parenthood. Yuh-Line Niou supported both of these radical bills as her statement shows.

This exposes Tim Keller’s political theology as dangerous. However, that’s another topic. What is most important to note here is that one cannot trust any Democrat—even a Democrat who claims someone like evangelical celebrity Tim Keller as a pastor.

So, why is all this sinful?

Simple: these Democrat actions are attacks on fundamental rights. Specifically, the right to life (abortion) and the right flowing out of our right to life, the right of self-defense (the draconian gun law demanding your social media accounts.) Further, the fact these laws can be used to target political opponents shows this is easily subject to tyrannical abuses. As such, the Christian must oppose all these measures.

According to theologian Wayne Grudem in Politics: According to the Bible, “The right to self-defense should be seen as a fundamental human right, and governments should protect that right. This is especially important for women, for the elderly, and for any others who might be less able to defend themselves from an attack or who might appear to be more vulnerable to an attack, but it is a right that should be available to all citizens… A gun is the most effective means of defense in all kinds of threatening situations, especially against attackers who may be stronger or more numerous. Protection of the right to own a gun is especially important in areas of higher crime or more frequent violence.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but gun bans are not loving your neighbor. Gun regulation is a direct attack on the critical human right of self-defense and places the innocent at the mercy of the wicked.

Furthermore, you cannot trust a leftist. As the above tweet showed, leftists intend to use Red Flag laws to attack every conservative—even someone like Ben Shapiro. Thus, what New York is doing by demanding social media accounts is worthy of Stalin.

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