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ALERT: SBC elects Woke choice to lead 2023 Pastors’ Conference

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SBC continues Leftward Drift as Elites defeat conservative candidate.

SBC elects Woke choice while rejecting conservative black candidate.

Woke SBC Elites alleged election irregularities in afternoon vote.

Monday evening the SBC Pastors’ Conference rejected the conservative candidate Voddie Baucham and selected SBC Elite candidate Daniel Dickard. Dickard is Bart Barber’s choice–so that should tell you he is awful. In making this move, the SBC voted for the Woke choice over a conservative black candidate. (You’ll note here that the Woke voted for the white guy and not the black guy.)

The Southern Baptist Convention is trending Woker than ever. On Monday, the Executive Committee elected two leftists candidates–including one who praised Barack Obama. But back the Pastors’ Conference vote.

There were 1,357 votes cast for the 2023 SBC Pastors’ Conference president with Voddie Baucham 608 44.8% Daniel Dickard 690 50.85%  59 disallowed 4.35%.

Voddie Baucham, the Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, was nominated by conservative Southern Baptists hoping to regain control of the denomination from Leftist infiltration.

Baucham is one of the most influential voices in evangelicalism fighting the dangers of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Baucham wrote the excellent book Fault Lines. In it, Baucham exposed CRT and the Social Justice Gospel.  

Baucham has stood against the SBC on countless occasions. At one point early in Baucham’s career LifeWay blacklisted Baucham.

Baucham joined the Conservative Baptist Network in response to the Leftward Drift of the SBC. Baucham told the Capstone Report in an interview after joining CBN that he was concerned about the “Awokening” of the SBC and the failure by pastors and leaders to address the Ed Litton plagiarism scandal.

According to Baucham, “I am saddened by the recent ‘awokening’ among Convention elites.  The unwillingness to name, let alone address CRT at the Convention last year was shameful.  The refusal to acknowledge and/or address the Ed Litton scandal was sinful, and quite revealing (as was the refusal of the press to pursue the issue).  Then to discover that a number of SBC elites were having their sermons written by the Docent group, SBC Seminaries were continuing to harbor professors who promote Cultural Marxism, CRT, and Liberation Theology (among other errors), not to mention the scandalous leftward drift of the ERLC.  Things are unraveling in the SBC… AGAIN!”

Indeed. Things are unraveling in the SBC.

Woke SBC Elites allege election irregularities

An SBC Elite alleged voting irregularities by those attempting to change the direction of the SBC. In other words, Nathan Finn, a candidate for SBC Recording Secretary, tried to blame the Conservative Baptist Network for its election tactics.

Finn complained, “I’ve not attended the SBC Pastor’s Conference. However, I’m deeply troubled to learn about the organized attempt to steal an election in favor of a candidate who isn’t even a SBC pastor. “Changing the direction” to embrace situation ethics isn’t Christian, let alone conservative.”

What a great show of leadership by this Woke Elite. There are a few problems with his gossip: He wasn’t there and then doesn’t offer any evidence. Of course, evidence doesn’t stop Nathan A. Finn. Nope. Finn knows those bad conservatives are up to no good. So, slander and libel it is! SBC messengers should remember this guy when the time comes and punish him for this unhelpful rhetoric.

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