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LifeWay blacklisted Voddie Baucham

You won’t believe who Voddie Baucham defended from LifeWay’s unethical treatment.

LifeWay blacklisted Voddie Baucham for defending Beth Moore? Yes, you heard that right. Early in Voddie Baucham’s publishing career, he stood up for Beth Moore and LifeWay responded in Draconian fashion. Baucham had just published his first book with LifeWay and was looking forward to more opportunities.

According to Baucham appearing on The Sword & The Trowel podcast, “I became aware of what I thought was unethical treatment of another author, and so, I spoke up about that.”

Baucham said LifeWay told him through his contact that it would not publish any additional books by him despite its three-book deal. Baucham was also told that LifeWay would cease promoting Baucham’s books.

He said it was difficult. LifeWay was essentially telling him they were “ending my publishing career,” Baucham said. For a new author—it might very well have ended his career.

Ascol asked, “Who was this other author that you spoke up for and took up for?”

Baucham responded, “it was this little, unknown person named Beth Moore.”

Ascol replied jokingly, “What’s a misogynist like you doing helping an author like Beth Moore?”

How things have changed in the Southern Baptist Convention!

Baucham—a missionary from a Southern Baptist church—is now Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia. And author of Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe. Baucham recently joined the Steering Council of the Conservative Baptist Network.

Also, a group of conservative Southern Baptists announced they would nominate Voddie Baucham to lead the SBC Pastors’ Conference and Tom Ascol for President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Conservatives hope that Tom Ascol and Voddie Baucham are able to #ChangeTheDirection of the Southern Baptist Convention. Conservatives believe the SBC is drifting leftward led by progressives.

Also, Southern Baptist entities are still used as weapons against Southern Baptists. LifeWay is an example. NAMB another and if you doubt that ask Will McRaney.

Of course, the SBC Elites use the entities as their own personal fiefdoms rewarding themselves and their friends with sweetheart deals—like the LifeWay trustee with a publishing deal at LifeWay giving the failed former CEO of LifeWay a $1 million severance package without telling the board of trustees about it. Yes, the failed former LifeWay CEO was given a million dollar severance after eight straight years of multi-million dollar loses.

Now more than ever, it is time to Change the Direction of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Check out the rest of the podcast. Ascol and Baucham talk about Calvinism in the SBC, working with non-Calvinists to defeat the Woke infiltration, and much more.

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