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Willy Rice deleted blog post linking Trump supporters to idolatry

SBC Presidential candidate Willy Rice’s church deleted a Trump blog post days after Willy Rice announced SBC Presidential run. Why delete the article now?

Deleted blog post compared Trump voters to idolaters & Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

Flashback: Ed Litton wiped hundreds of sermons and then told contradictory stories about why he did it.

Who is running Willy Rice’s campaign for SBC President? Whoever it was had Willy Rice delete a blog post linking Trump supporting evangelicals with idolatry and Q-Anon Conspiracy theories. The blog post was deleted within days of Rice’s announcement that he would be nominated for President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Trump and January 6th blog post “Pastoral Reflections on A Political and Spiritual Crisis” was penned January 15, 2021. It was live on Rice’s church website as recently as March 4, 2022, according to the Internet Archive. However, it is no longer on the Calvary Church website. The website returns a Page Not Found Error message—and the post is not included on the index of the Pastor’s Blog page.

So, why did Willy Rice delete the article from his church website?

Was it because Willy Rice was worried about the political repercussions of his blog? Was it too anti-Trump given the incompetence of the Biden Administration? Or was it too friendly to evil Trump supporters to get Willy Rice invited on MSNBC like Ed Litton?

Was it because he has an Ed Litton problem?

And why delete the article now?

Willy Rice announced his bid to become SBC President on March 2, 2022.

The only plausible reason for the deletion is Willy Rice’s presidential run—and that tells you something not only about Willy Rice the man, but it lets you know how Willy Rice the SBC President will lead—he is another SBC Swamp Creature.

This is not the first time an SBC Elite mysteriously hid material from the public. Disgraced SBC President Ed Litton removed hundreds of sermons from public view after allegations of plagiarism surfaced. Litton’s lies, obfuscation, and plagiarism became known as Sermongate. Litton and his church told contradictory stories about the deleted sermons.

Rice’s deleted article attempts to erect a Third Way synthesis for the evangelical church post-Trump. Rice’s article declares Trumpism dead. Though, Rice explains he would not condemn the 70 million Trump voters because there were rational reasons to vote for Trump.

Yet, Rice is clearly pushing for a new evangelical synthesis that links both Right and Left political parties as extremist.

Rice said, “I don’t have to choose between Antifa or the Proud Boys. I don’t have to choose between socialism or waving a Confederate Flag. Jesus warned about the danger of both the Pharisees and the Sadducees, two warring factions of His day. We would do well to pay attention to the ditches on both sides of the road.”

This is the typical Big Eva line that attempts to equate the problems in politics to both sides of the proverbial aisle.

However, Rice accuses Trump supporters of becoming idolaters.

Rice said, “When professing Christians begin to look to human political leaders to rescue them, to restore or create an imagined social utopia, or to usher in God’s Kingdom on earth, we have traded the real Messiah for a false one. Sadly, I have heard many Christians speak of President Trump in terms that are highly inappropriate. Many have vested in him a calling, an anointing (a word that is often actually used), to somehow save us from secular forces that war against biblical truth. Many Christian leaders fawned over him in ways that should have made us queasy. We welcomed his support but overlooked his shortcomings. We became partisan connivers instead of biblical prophets. The bride of Christ is not meant to serve as a concubine for any partisan cause or political leader.”

Overlooked his shortcomings? Who did that? Everyone knows Donald Trump’s shortcomings. However, those shortcomings have little to do with Trump’s fitness to be president—we are not electing Trump to church membership (which has a very different set of criteria.)

So, why delete this article now?

And more importantly, what other writings, sermons or speeches, if any, has Rice or his campaign manager memory holed?

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