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SERMONGATE: Ed Litton lies to the Washington Times

Ed Litton, Redemption Church tell conflicting stories on deleted sermons

It might be time for Ed Litton and Redemption Church to compare notes and get their stories straight. Right now, they have told two different, contradictory stories about why the church hid hundreds of Ed Litton’s sermons.

According to the Washington Times, “Mr. Litton said Redemption Church had removed dozens of his old sermons from its website because of a transition in web hosting and to conserve disk space, stating the older messages remain available on YouTube.”

This is filled with false information.

The older messages were hidden YouTube. In fact, no message prior to February 2020 appears to be viewable on YouTube. At first, the church hid over 143 videos. Currently, the church is hiding 85 videos on YouTube.

Plus, Litton’s statement is in direct conflict with the church’s statement to Baptist Press.

According to BP, “By the action of the leadership at Redemption Church we have taken down sermon series prior to 2020 because people were going through sermons in an attempt to discredit and malign our pastor,” the statement from the elders said. “It is our highest priority to care for and shepherd our church.”

As we reported on this comment yesterday, the statement itself shows that the elders at Redemption Church valued protecting Ed Litton over transparency.

Now Ed Litton’s statement is in direct contradiction to the official statement from the Church.

They both cannot be true.

Either, the church hid the sermons to protect Ed Litton from marauding bands of Internet sleuths attempting “to discredit and malign” Ed Litton or it was a web server and storage issue.

So, which is it?

Also, the older messages were not available on YouTube. YouTube was the scene of much of the sermon hiding.

It would be safe to say Ed Litton lied to the Washington Times.

And does the fact that Ed Litton’s comment sound more like Bill Clinton start to worry Southern Baptist Elites?

How many lies will be enough for SBC Elites do the right thing and force Ed Litton to resign?

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