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SBC Pastor undermines Bible & the Apostles to defend Ed Litton

Sermongate: Bart Barber defends Ed Litton’s lies and plagiarism by claiming the Bible was written by plagiarists.

Just how committed are Leftists and their SBC useful idiots to keeping Ed Litton in power? Very. As the desperation showcased itself when SBC Pastor and insider Bart Barber accused the Apostles and biblical writers of plagiarism.

Yes, Bart Barber and his ilk are undermining the Holy Scriptures in a bid to stave off criticism of liar and laughingstock Ed Litton.

Bart Barber’s sophistry should be studied by future generation of Christians to see how wicked men become when they crave power over serving God.

“Plagiarism is a man-made standard invented centuries later. It is not sinful in and of itself. It’s only sinful if you’re bound by some sort of obligation to an authority who requires you to do your work by this man-made standard,” Barber tweeted. “Mark was not bound by any such authority. He plagiarized as God inspired him to do.”

And there you have it. The Gospel writers plagiarized because God inspired them to do so. In other words, the holy God caused people to steal.

Only, that is absurd.

Because Mark did not pass off other people’s experiences as his own. This is what Ed Litton did. Ed Litton lied when he told sermon illustrations as his own. It was a lie because it was untrue. It was fraudulent because he deceived the people in the church. Then, Litton lied repeatedly defending his conduct.

Ed Litton is a lying liar. Yet, Bart Barber’s first impulse is not to demand the lying liar resign as SBC President and surrender the job of pastor. No, Bart Barber’s first impulse is to defend Ed Litton and claiming that he is OK with the liar continuing in power because he is more worried about the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN).

In other words, Bart Barber’s standard of morality is all about political power.

Bart Barber also posted a video lying about religious broadcasters. That too was about politics. He takes Russell Moore’s side in every fight.

But that is not all. Barber pretends that Ed Litton’s character is not important because preaching another person’s sermon is not condemned by the Baptist Faith & Message.

Barber said, “I can show you specific wording in the BF&M for all of those things and will do so if you require it. You show me the wording in the BF&M about preaching material someone else preached first.”

In other words, Bart Barber thinks stealing is OK because it is not explicitly condemned in the Baptist Faith & Message.

Hey, does the BF&M condemn every sin? Is adultery covered? What about envy? Is something only sinful and disqualifying if it is mentioned in the holiest of all documents the Baptist Faith & Message? Or, is the inclusion of sins such as telling lies in the Bible enough to be disqualifying?

Conclusion: Wicked men lead the Southern Baptist Convention

If men who claim to support the inerrancy of Scripture impugn that very same Scripture, do they really believe the Bible is inerrant?

Ed Litton and his defenders deny the Bible on two accounts. First, they profane it by claiming the authors plagiarized, (in other words stole by inspiration of the Holy Spirit!). Second, they deny the inerrancy of the Bible by denying the Bible’s clear teaching that Ed Litton is disqualified from the office of pastor because of his manifest and continued sins.

Of course, this gets to an even more fundamental question—do these men defending Ed Litton even believe in God? Because, they all seem to have forgotten, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Today’s Southern Baptist Convention needs the purging fires of a Reformation as badly as the Church when Martin Luther nailed his complaints to the cathedral door.

These men like Bart Barber are wicked. They crave power, money, and the respect of their fellow SBC pastors over doing what is right.

The SBC decline is often attributed to the people in the pews. It is high time we start pointing out the problem in the SBC comes from the wicked leadership and wicked pastors.

As the Bible tells us (Proverbs 29:2), “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

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