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Pravda: Comrade Ed Litton heroic in service to Migrant Proletarians

Taking time out from plagiarism and lies about it, Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton gave food and supplies to migrants.

However, such a description does little justice to the heroic event as detailed by our denominational propaganda arms. Let us turn to them to understand the significance of liar & thief Ed Litton’s visit to the border.

According to a recent Pravda report, err Baptist Press, SBC President Ed Litton is a devoted servant of the proletarian migrant masses. He was emotionally “overwhelmed” by the experience at the border. Which, of course, prompts one to wonder how Litton got to the border. Was it first class like David Platt did a few years ago? Or did Comrade Litton travel coach?

Comrade Litton was busy during his time on the West Coast. Too busy to answer questions about plagiarism—or did Baptist Press continue to fail to ask about all the lies?

But at least we got to learn about Ed Litton’s ability to vision cast. No, seriously.

“After a week filled with vision-casting and preparation for the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, SBC President Ed Litton spent time in hands-on ministry alongside fellow Southern Baptists as they served those crossing the border from Mexico into California,” Pravda reported.

Yes, vision-casting was used in an unironic way.

But there is more to this story.

BP reported the overwhelming support among Southern Baptists for its leader. The report from California highlighted the oppressed being served by the SBC Politburo chief.

“To hear Dr. Litton speak about Jesus being the center of our faith on Tuesday, and then watching him the next day handing out supplies and minister to migrants … he is putting hands and feet to what he was saying the day before,” Pravda quoted a party member as saying of Ed Litton.

SBC President Ed Litton waves to migrants at US border

Such slobbering devotion! How very Pravda.

Of course, Litton being on the road and not able to plagiarize, err consult, more informed thinkers muddled the message and had the SBC General Secretary equate immigration to global missions.

Litton said, “We send missionaries to the nations, but it looks like God is sending the nations to us.”

Well, that is one way to look at Joe Biden’s idiotic border policy. It is after all, what George Soros and his evangelical funded immigration lobbying groups want told to the gullible masses.  

And what would Pravda be without spewing out propaganda to the gullible masses? That’s what they are there for. Well, BP and MSNBC.  

Hey speaking of, when is Litton’s next appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe?

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