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Judgment looms for America and the Southern Baptist Convention

Woe to the Southern Baptist Convention and anyone supporting it.

Southern Baptist Convention promotes unrepentant liar & plagiarist Ed Litton in new video.

President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Ed Litton is an unrepentant liar and thief—he is guilty of plagiarism and repeatedly lies about it. However, instead of booting liar and thief Ed Litton, the SBC is celebrating him and preparing for Litton to preside over the SBC Annual Meeting in 2022.

And if that does not make you gag, then the theme will. Ed Litton—a guy who is so sinful and continues to wallow in his sin by refusing to repentant and resign—claims Jesus as the theme for the SBC Annual meeting set for Anaheim, California.

The theme: “Jesus: The Center of It All.”

If you need any proof that judgment looms for America, look no further than the wicked Southern Baptist Convention.

This shows the cynics and atheists are right—too many Christian leaders do not really believe the Bible. The cynics are right—too many Christian leaders are only in it for money and power.

Sadly, the SBC proves over and over that the current leadership loves lucre more than they fear God.

And, God will have the final say. Hint: It won’t be pretty.

In fact, this type of public repudiation of the direct commands of God is no different than shaking one’s fist toward God and daring Him to act.

The SBC and its leadership should remember: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Something the liar and plagiarist Ed Litton does not realize. Take for instance his comments about Pharisees.

According to Pravda, err Baptist Press, “In the SBC we are always on guard – and rightly so – about false theology,” he said. “But we also ought to be careful about false leadership. Jesus said of the Pharisees to do what they say, but do not follow them. In the same sense, we have a struggle between our orthodoxy and our orthopraxy.”

False leaders? Who are the false leaders? Perhaps the false leader is the guy who preaches other men’s sermons as if they were his own. Perhaps the false leader is Ed Litton who stole sermons from Tim Keller and J.D. Greear for about a decade.

What does the Bible say about unrepentant liars and the kingdom?

What does the Bible say about those supporting evil in the church?

At this point, one must assume that every SBC leader who is not fighting this is guilty of enabling and aiding this sin and bringing to themselves and their churches judgment.

If the Southern Baptist Convention refuses to follow God, then what hope is there for America?

There is no light to America if Ed Litton continues as SBC President.

In fact, if Ed Litton continues as SBC President, judgment looms for America’s largest Protestant denomination and the entire country.

Woe is coming.  

Hypocrites like Ed Litton and his enablers in the SBC are just speeding it along.

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