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An Open Letter to Beth Moore about David Platt & McLean Bible Church

Did Beth Moore only have one side of the story when she tweeted about David Platt and turmoil at McLean Bible Church?

An Open Letter to Beth Moore from Nina, a former member of McLean Bible Church:

I don’t know you personally, but I wanted to reach out to you after reading some of your tweets that appeared in an article on Capstone Report.  In fact, I have thought of reaching out to you since the last study I took of yours, Entrusted. Following that, I have been shocked at the change in your demeanor. You seemed angry, almost bitter, as you continually called for accountability from male church leaders and now worldly justice.

Let me address a couple of incidences that concerned me: 1) the Nicholas Sandmann incident and; 2) the McLean Bible Church one. 

I read your tweet related to Nicholas Sandmann’s encounter with the older Native American. I can’t remember your exact words but it had something to do with his demeanor showing arrogance or disrespect. I remember reading it over and over, thinking how can she even comment on this incident not knowing the young man or all the facts. Surely she knows Proverbs 18:13? “He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.”

Later as other video surfaced showing that it was indeed a setup, he was exonerated in a court of law. I don’t have a copy of that video but I am sure you can at least read the court case—certain media outlets had to pay damages.

I don’t follow you, or any other high profile persona. I am not even on Twitter, but I wonder if you ever apologized to him for your unkind comments in your tweet? Considering you criticized him publicly, I would hope that you apologized publicly. If not, at least privately. You owe him that for judging him before the facts. (Editor’s note: As far as we know, this is as close as Beth Moore came to admitting she was wrong about Sandmann.)

Proverbs 18:13 again comes to mind with your tweets regarding what is happening at McLean Bible Church. You seem very concerned about the actions taken by the congregation. I wonder if you reached out to hear their side of the story before condemning them publicly?

I remember you specifically speaking of the need to go to the person you have an issue with, which is of course biblical. It appears that you have an issue with these people and yet you again do not reach out to them before tweeting about them?

You seem to know David Platt’s side of the story. I wonder how that is?

If you spoke with him, did you encourage him to sit down and discuss his differences with his congregation? Did you remind him that as a pastor, he is supposed to care for the flock? The shepherd goes to his sheep to care for them? Perhaps you can find out why Platt won’t let Salvadore, who is not white, hold his apologetics class at the church. Why is that? I thought Platt’s mission was to bring diversity to McLean? Of course, we know McLean was diverse long before he came.

To just tweet out comments slamming the congregation without knowing the facts is unbiblical. There is no way around that Beth. As one Christian to another, what you are doing is wrong and you know it. Don’t try to justify your inappropriate tweets.

Titus instructs the older women to teach the younger women. As an older woman in Christ, I encourage you to study Marxism because the type of justice you and others are embracing is basically the same, only some of the terminology has been adapted for today’s version.

I sense you do not understand the underlying false premises that social justice is predicated on. Karl Marx was not only a white male (which ironically advocates of social justice claim as the ultimate oppressor) he was an atheist. As Christians, we should not be looking to an atheist for guidance on anything, let alone justice! Socialism and communism are based on Marxism.  I also encourage you to listen to those who have lived under socialism. They will tell you of its abject failure of how it failed the people. The oppressed just become more oppressed with a new oppressor. No one wins except the new oppressors, the elites ruling over the common people.

There is no justice, equity or fairness under anything remotely related to socialism, a man’s idea of justice. Justice cannot be imposed on people, even if they are well meaning. If we want to achieve any form of justice close to God’s perfect justice, the hearts of men must change.

Did you know that during Welsh revival, they didn’t know what to do with the police force because no one was committing any crimes?

You want justice, share the Gospel. But you know that. You have said that Jesus is the answer in your studies. In the study, Entrusted, you encouraged woman to guard that which God has entrusted each of us with, the first being the gospel. “…further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others.” Again as an older woman in Christ, I implore to return to your first love.

Beth, I would love to sit down with you and discuss these issues more. I would love to help you understand the danger of these manmade philosophies. I’m not on Twitter or really on any other form of social media. But then again God calls us to discuss our issues face-to-face is better. Praying that you will find your way back to the true Gospel.

Sincerely in Christ,


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