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Can you believe what Beth Moore did this time?

Noted Never-Trump Evangelical Elite Beth Moore does something unprecedented.

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” –I Corinthians 15:33 (CSB)

Beth Moore finally did it. She’s traveled very far down the Woke path. But a strong article highlighting her Woke hypocrisy involving the treatment of Nicholas Sandmann and the Covington Catholic pro-life students evoked something in Beth Moore. She apologized! Finally. A little over 18 months later.

“I reply in good will. Whether or not we share the same views on social justice, those I hold are because of the gospel of Christ & the Scriptures & not because of a departure from them. Where we agree, however, is on my poor & hasty judgment on the viral video. I am deeply sorry.

“What you will find in this Twitter world and the social media world in general is that saying I’m sorry will not be enough for most. But for those to whom it means something, it is sincere. I use a lot of words & some of them poorly. I’m a bit fiery but I’m striving to do better.”

The background. On January 18, 2019, Leftist activists confronted a group of Catholic pro-life students near the Lincoln Memorial. The students from Covington Catholic School were attending the annual pro-life march. Leftist media outlets framed the event as racial and blamed the students including Sandmann because they were easy targets—some wore Make America Great Again hats making them not only pro-life, but perhaps even a greater crime in the eyes of the Woke, they were pro-Trump.

The boys were smeared by Leftist press outlets like CNN and many Evangelical celebrities on Twitter—including Beth Moore.

Mary Beth Brown’s column of July 31, 2020, said, Beth Moore Is Using Marxist, Feminist, Social Justice Talking Points Instead of Scripture

This cutting and powerful analysis finally drew Beth Moore’s apology.

Good for Mary Beth Brown.

And, good for Beth Moore. She apologized and said something else true: when we use lots of words, sometimes we do it poorly.

We are human. We all make mistakes.

However, Beth Moore’s words remain a serious problem for Christians. She is pushing the Woke Social Justice Heresy. Why?

Her Evangelical Elite friends. She is repeating what she hears because she is surrounded by the worst of the Evangelical Elite. Conferences and platforms shared with other Woke thinkers spreads this error.

As the Greek proverb quoted by Paul warns us: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

The people around us influence us. We have to understand how our words influence others and how they can influence us.

Janet Mefferd, a Christian radio host, tweet of the Mary Beth Brown article drew Moore’s apology. However, Mefferd provided a warning to Christians that should be heeded.

She said, “Beth, your apology is great. We need to love people, but I reject social justice bc it’s unbiblical & bc it decimated 2 generations of my family’s mainline churches. I lived thru the carnage. SJ destroys Christianity. We must learn from the past & not let it destroy our churches.”

Yes. This is what is at stake. This is why the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel was released in 2018.

It is why the Conservative Baptist Network was founded to save the Southern Baptist Convention from its Leftward Drift.

What are you doing to combat the Neo-Marxist attack on the Church and America? We are watching a Cultural Revolution unfold on our streets and in our pews. It is time for every Christian to do their duty. Get involved.

6 thoughts on “Can you believe what Beth Moore did this time?”

  1. I will no longer support Beth Moore and her ministry. I believe she has hate in her heart for Donald Trump. How can she support the Democratic Party who condones abortion, LGBT life styles, socialism etc. I do not understand how any born again Christian can support those policies.
    I have done many of her studies. I have prayed for her and her ministry daily for years but I will not support her any longer unless she turns from supporting the far left and defaming the Trump
    administration. May God open her eyes.

  2. “A soulish compassion leads only to a religious spirit” is a quote I often think about as it seems to be the basis of what many shifts in thinking where a false sentimental type of love substitutes for the robust sacrificial compassion of the Bible that is willing t o die even for our enemies. How many do-good-ers on the left would be willing for their spare bedrooms to host refugees for example. Its easy to pontificate on justice, or love the unfortunate remotely, but not actually take part in their lives.

  3. The context is important. She projected her apology upon another woman. This is all about sisterhood and feminism.

  4. The left has taken over our universities now they are going for the Churches. Most Big Churches have become liberal. Not all but most.

  5. Beth Moore: Let me get involved in an area that I am not gifted in, nor do I know anything about: politics!
    Clearly she has not received enough help for the abuse from her dad and projects it on the president.
    Agreed, christian churches need to stop ignoring and hiding sexual abuse of minors. For that we will fall.

  6. I like Beth Moore’s enthusiasm, but some of her teachings are just unbiblical, which lead people to stray spiritually. When we ignore biblical teaching about women staying quiet and not preaching over men, it’s a moral decline into liberalism in our churches. Beth Moore, you are practicing disobedience, which leads to lawlessness because sin is lawlessness.

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