SEBTS hosting speaker opposed to banning Critical Race Theory

As conservatives around America rally to fight racial identity politics and the divisive, anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) plans to host a prominent former conservative who opposes conservative moves to ban Critical Race Theory.

According to the Provost of SEBTS, David French will give the Carver-Barnes lectures.

Ken Keathley said, “@DavidAFrench just agreed to give the Carver-Barnes lectures next spring @SEBTSBushCenter. How cool is that?”

How cool is that?

Not very.

David French is not a conservative. He was promoting an article from a Hillary Clinton donor arguing against conservative moves to ban Critical Race Theory. Fortunately, Chris Ruffo destroyed the idiocy.

Ruffo said, “’The Conservative Case Against Banning Critical Race Theory,’ written by a former staffer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, columnist for the The Nation, and donor to Hillary Clinton… I’m working on a new piece now, thinking about calling it: ‘The Liberal Case For Banning Critical Race Theory,’ by Christopher F. Rufo.”

Even National Review has argued that banning anti-American and pro-racist Critical Race Theory is justified. Other arguments come from the New York Post and the Washington Times.

Leading Critical Theory expert James Lindsay of New Discourses warned about Critical Race Theory and penned this letter in March urging a ban on the dangerous and discriminatory teachings.

So, why is SEBTS hosting a pro-Critical Race Theory speaker?

Remember, this same speaker called Drag Queen Story Hours a “blessing of liberty.”

This is a sad commentary on who Southern Baptists allow to speak at their seminaries.

And it only gets worse.

SEBTS is also hosting disgraced admitted plagiarist Ed Litton at its chapel session this Fall.

According to the SEBTS website, the admitted sermon plagiarist Ed Litton will speak October 12, 2021.