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Sermongate: Evangelical churches must confront the problem of Woke liars in the pulpit

Dr. Robert Jeffress blasts Ed Litton after Litton says the Bible whispers about homosexuality

SERMONGATE: Ed Litton dodges the New York Times

Just a couple of weeks ago Ed Litton had time for all the mainstream press outlets. Litton was the darling of MSNBC—sitting for multiple interviews on the Leftist cable news network. Then, Sermongate broke. Now, the whole world knows Ed Litton is a thief and a liar thanks to the plagiarism scandal.

When the New York Times picked up on the story and asked Ed Litton, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, for an interview. He declined the request.

He declined the request through a spokesman.

As Jeremiah 12:5 said, “If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses? And if in a safe land you are so trusting, what will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

If you dodge the Leftist New York Times, will Ed Litton come out of hiding to answer questions from conservative Southern Baptists?

It is doubtful.

He hopes to get away with his plagiarism long enough to appoint a Committee on Committees to reward the Woke infiltrators and SBC Elites who backed his candidacy.  

Never forget, Ed Litton is clinging to political power.

Never forget those pastors who justify his clinging to power. They have revealed their wickedness.

Why are so few SBC Elites speaking out about the sin of stealing and the sin of lying?

The Woke Liars in our Evangelical Pulpits

There is a huge problem of liars in Evangelical pulpits. David Platt and Ed Litton are just the latest, high profile examples of men desperate for power and willing to do anything to get it or maintain it.

Platt lied, repeatedly, in his July 4, 2021, sermon. He decried misinformation and then proceeded to deliver misinformation to the members of McLean Bible Church.

One of the most egregious lies is that McLean Bible Church is not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. It is. MCB gave $100,000 to the Cooperative Program over the last three years, according to SBC ACP data. Also, the church actively sought and was granted membership in both the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia and the Baptist Convention of Maryland-Delaware.

As for Ed Litton, he lied repeatedly since it was reported he plagiarized sermons. At first, this was limited to Romans. Of course, we revealed that his plagiarism dated back much further—all the way to 2015.

Litton also claimed his church hid sermons on YouTube while transitioning to a new webhost.

That is a laughable lie since YouTube is independent of the church webhosting and the church left more recent sermons available. The deletions were an attempt to hide just how far back the plagiarism dated.

Fortunately, they were not successful.

Litton then lied on SBC This Week when he said both his statement and the Redemption Church statement that elders removed the older videos to protect Litton. According to the church elders, the sermons were removed “because people were going through sermons in an attempt to discredit and malign our pastor.”

If Ed Litton did nothing wrong, he had nothing to fear about people rummaging around his old sermons.

In fact, he should welcome people hearing God’s Word.

The fact that he and his elders at Redemption Church feared that tells you all you need to know about Ed Litton.

And the fact that Ed Litton refuses to resign as SBC President speaks about his character—he lacks it.

Evangelical Elites love lucre and power more than they fear God.

Sermongate is God’s way of revealing the priorities of the men leading our denominations and churches.

At this moment, Evangelical Elites, like Babylon in the Bible, are being weighed in the balance and found wanting.

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