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Whistleblower reveals ERLC trustees never saw ‘leaked’ Russell Moore letter

Russell Moore leaving the ERLC

BREAKING: Whistleblower ERLC trustee reveals board never saw Russell Moore ‘leaked’ letter. Russell Moore granted permission to take donor email list.

Randy Adams calls for transparency. ‘Bible always deals with situations in a transparent fashion,’ Adams says.

The “leaked” Russell Moore letter was not seen by the ERLC Board of Trustees—it was only seen by the Executive Committee of the ERLC trustees. Also, Russell Moore was granted a severance package amounting to four months of salary and benefits and another two months of salary. Russell Moore was granted an email list containing the names of at least 12,500 ERLC donors, according to Randy Adams.

Randy Adams, a candidate for SBC President revealed the startling news in a Facebook Live video today.

Today an ERLC trustee called Adams to raise serious concerns about Russell Moore and the ERLC trustees. The trustee told Adams that “The board itself read the letter when all of us did after it was released to the press.”

The trustee who contacted Adams told of dysfunctional trustee system where the board is often only informed of matters when decisions are made by the executive committee and a press release is prepared.

Adams said this is a serious problem with the trustee system in the SBC—where the full board is only informed of decisions already made by the Executive Committee. (See the scandal of the $1 million severance package given to Lifeway’s failed former CEO Thom Rainer. In that case, not even the Executive Committee of the trustees but only one man—a man with a publishing contract given him by Lifeway made the decision to grant the golden parachute.)

The ERLC trustee said a conference informed the trustees about the severance package details granted to Dr. Russell Moore—a package that included a list of donor emails for Dr. Moore to take and use in his new position with Christianity Today.

“That is information Southern Baptists ought to know,” Adams said in his Facebook Live video. “This highlights the great concern that I think we should have for the Southern Baptist Convention—which is transparency…We cannot deal with the issues we face if we don’t know what the facts are.”

Adams also pointed out that the SBC lacks not only transparency but accountability.

“We have violations of SBC by-laws and violation of biblical teaching and biblical truth for which individuals are not being held accountable and trustee boards are not being held accountable,” Adams said.

Adams said that this is not “Southern Baptist Convention money. This is God’s money.” He called for every Southern Baptist to have a voice in the administration of the convention.

Who leaked the Russell Moore letter?

So, who leaked the Russell Moore letter? The fact that the entire trustees did not see it narrows the list of culprits to Russell Moore and a couple of other Woke enablers.

It shows once again that Dr. Russell Moore’s entire purpose was to harm the SBC and those who attempted to hold the radical Leftist accountable.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, here is a list of the ERLC Trustee Executive Committee in 2020:

David E. Prince, Chairman        
Lori Bova, Vice Chairman    
Ron Harvey, Secretary
Trevor Atwood, Chairman, Administration and Finance Committee
Michael Wilson, Chairman, Research and Public Policy Committee
Tony Beam, Chairman, Communications Committee     

So, these people and Russell Moore are the ones who saw the letter.

Who do you think leaked it?

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