BREAKING: Help send Conservative pastors to SBC Annual Meeting

Help Conservative Pastors Get to Nasvhille to Stop the Liberals and Save the Southern Baptist Convention

Here is how you can help prevent Liberals from taking over the Southern Baptist Convention.

Make sure Russell Moore never happens again!

The future of the Southern Baptist Convention will be decided June 15-16, 2021. The only way the SBC can survive is if a conservative candidate is elected in Nashville. Unfortunately, the Woke megachurches are sending scores of messengers to defend Critical Race Theory in the SBC.

The SBC’s Elites at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) are using their SEND conferences to support Leftists like Ed Litton.

Al Mohler “knows Russell Moore’s heart” and defended the rabid Never-Trump Democrat. He is responsible for the Woke SBC leaders like Kevin Ezell and Daniel Akin.

Time is running out to stop these men. However, there is a way that you can help stop these men from completing the Leftist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dr. Tom Buck announced fundraiser to help pay the way of conservative pastors who otherwise cannot attend the SBC Annual Meeting. He said, “There are pastors who would like to go to the 2021 SBC annual meeting but don’t have the finances. Someone suggested we set up a go fund me to help. We’ve done that. Give as you feel led, and if you know a pastor who needs help getting to Nashville, DM me.”

The GoFundMe is organized by the First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas.

“None of the money raised will go toward any of our own pastors or messengers. Our own budget covers our own expenses,” the fundraise explains. “We will distribute funds to pastors in our network who need financial help attending the convention.”

The goal is to send 10 pastors. That costs about $7,000. The expenses are broken down like this:

$450 hotel (3 nights)
$150 gas money
$100 food stipend
Total: $700 per person.

This is a great opportunity for the pew-sitting Southern Baptist to get involved. If you can’t make it to Nashville—you can now help someone who can go and will vote for a conservative to save the SBC from the pro-Beth Moore crowd.

Let’s blow this goal out of the water. Let’s work together and find a way to send more than 10.

The only way to stop the Leftists is to make sure conservatives outnumber the liberals.

Time is short.

Will you help?

Click this link and Give to help Conservative Pastors make it to Nashville to stop the Leftists promoting Critical Race Theory in the Southern Baptist Convention.