Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden upset Democrats govern like Democrats

Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden are upset about abortion

BREAKING: Useful idiots no longer feel useful

The useful idiots of Evangelicalism no longer feel useful. However, judging by the statement they released last night, they sure feel like idiots. In a press release about the Biden Administration’s abandoning the Hyde Amendment and the Democratic Party’s support of more abortions, The Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden, yes that makes as much sense as the Ministry of Truth, but the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden expressed shock that Democrats betrayed them on abortion.  

“We feel used and betrayed,” the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden whine in a press statement. You can read the whole thing.

Then the “Pro-Life” “Christian” “leaders” who voted for the Pro-Murder Party demand the House of Representatives insert the Hyde Amendment before final approval.

“If this is not done it will raise the question of whether or not we are still welcome in the Democratic Party,” the so-called Pro-Life people who voted for the Pro-Abortion Party said.

In other words, the useful idiots are no longer feeling so useful. The Democrats used these people to win an election and are now free to toss them aside.

That is what happens to useful idiots. Just ask all those used by Lenin and Stalin how they felt.

So, Democrats are going to govern like Democrats.

And these “leaders” are surprised?

Maybe Evangelicalism needs better leaders.

This was always the danger of Christians prioritizing niceness over policies. It has real consequences. As we said over and over, murder is a greater moral imperative for voters than the niceness of someone’s tweets.

These “Christian leaders” will have blood on their hands—as every expanded abortion that happens under the Joe Biden Administration happened because they voted for the Pro-Abortion Party. They knew better. They preferred virtue signaling to secular elites over saving babies. Woe to them!

There is no escape from this reality.

These “leaders” urged others to vote for the Party and its nominee who promised to expand abortions.

You got what you voted for.

The faux outrage won’t save you from the reckoning that will one day come. God will hold you accountable for your poor moral reasoning and bad political theology.

And this is only the beginning of the betrayals these Pro-Life Evangelicals will experience.

Christians should take note of all of the abortion enablers who signed the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden statement. These people are on the record showing they are not fit for any position of leadership.

Let this be a reminder, the only proper response to any “Christian” who votes for a Democrat is church discipline.