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Baptist Prof. responds to Russell Moore’s ‘pathetic’ article; demands SBC impeach Dr. Moore

Houston Baptist University Theology Professor Robert A. J. Gagnon blasted Russell Moore over an article demanding President Donald Trump’s resignation and Dr. Moore’s failure to come to grips with the existential threat to the Republic posed by Democrats.

Here is what the distinguished Prof. Gagnon said, “I say: Impeach Russell Moore for dereliction of duty. Russell Moore has written a pathetic article (link) calling for Trump’s removal from office by any means necessary, which is hardly surprising because it exhibits the same tunnel vision and dearth of documentation that we have come to expect from him.”

Dr. Gagnon continued, “He is for impeachment of the President or application of removal from office by the 25th Amendment. As typical for him, it is short on facts and long on bluster. His whole argument is predicated on the claim that Trump incited violence and insurrection, which he clearly did not.

“There is no reasonable way to conclude that Trump incited either if one gave a careful read of the entire transcript of Trump’s speech.”

Also, Dr. Gagnon said, “And even what happened by the wrongdoers in the Capitol doesn’t remotely approach the 30+ dead and $2 billion worth of damage in the 7-month-long race riots involving much larger numbers this past year, stoked and incited by Dems, during which time Moore did not call for a single Dem to be removed from office.

While he judges the race riots by the best in the movement he judges Trump supporters by the tiniest and most extreme elements. Trump has legitimate grounds for believing that the election was stolen. Nowhere was there any attempt to do signature matches in areas where there unbelievable high voting rates, areas where there were no safeguards for insuring that significant fraud did not occur.”

Dr. Gagnon concludes, “The real threat to the Republic and to its Constitution is coming from the Dem Party but Moore is too blind, for whatever reason, to see it. He has done his best to insure that the Party that poses the greatest threat to religious liberty by far would get elected. That’s why he shouldn’t be President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.”

As we’ve pointed out, Dr. Moore is blind to the threat from the Democrats because Dr. Moore is a lifelong Democrat.

Dr. Gagnon is right–Russell Moore must not lead the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC. In fact, it is imperative that each individual church member take responsibility and stop giving tithes or offerings to your SBC church unless it stops sending money to the Cooperative Program–the mechanism that funds Russell Moore’s Democrat propaganda machine.

7 thoughts on “Baptist Prof. responds to Russell Moore’s ‘pathetic’ article; demands SBC impeach Dr. Moore”

  1. Seriously?
    You are telling people to categorically stop tithing.
    I guess I won’t be reading your website anymore or sharing your articles with people in the church I pastor!
    Some of us are very concerned about many of the things you too are concerned about, ie. Russell Moore; but just because our way of dealing with it doesn’t match your arrogant solution, doesn’t mean people should stop giving to their churches.
    Never again will I share your articles.

    1. Ahh so money is more important to you than stopping evil. Got it. Maybe I should let your church member know. Also, I didn’t say stop unless the church refuses to stop funding the ERLC.

    2. Son, he didn’t say stop tithing….he said STOP giving your tithes to the corrupt convention!!
      There is no convention in Gods Word
      The sbc isn’t Biblical.

    3. Stop giving money to belial, if that means stop tithing then stop tithing. I am for money going to local churches to keep the lights on, and pay salaries, however the money you are sending to the convention is used for satans work not Our Lord Jesus Christ. We collectively have no discernment, and if we can’t stop our money going to work against us, then it is certainly not a tithe. Money is the problem not the solution. As long as they have money they will continue to work against the Lord.

  2. Revive Local Churches!!

    The writer did not say, Stop tithing. He said to stop giving money to SBC entities that are misusing those funds. Russell Moore does not speak for all Southern Baptists. He was way out of line calling for the President’s resignation or removal. His political preferences do not belong on the job. . . . . . . Churches and their members need to examine where their money is going and how it is being used. Most are too trusting and blindly give without understanding how their money is being spent. Pastors need to teach the Bible in their local churches; church members need to be full-time Christians in all spheres of life. Arguments in favor of the ERLC have grown thin over the years. Abolish it, and let the churches do their own work. . . . . . Like MaBell, the SBC has gotten too big. The convention has mistaken their bigness for God’s favor. Local churches need to wake up and find out what they are actually supporting. Most do not know.

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