Fear of retaliation in evangelical circles over Russell Moore

Stand up to Dr. Russell Moore and you face retaliation from Dr. Moore’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and major evangelical groups, according to a Facebook post from a New Testament scholar.

“Many people in the Southern Baptist Convention are afraid of speaking about these problems in ERLC leadership for fear of retribution from Dr. Moore. I have heard from a number of them privately over the years,” said Professor Robert A. J. Gagnon in a Facebook post.

The serious allegations seem to be true when you look at what happened in the last week. Someone in the Moore camp leaked to the pro-Moore Washington Post Dr. Frank Page’s secret meeting with Dr. Moore. The meeting was intended to chart a path forward with Dr. Page conducting something akin to shuttle diplomacy between the various Southern Baptist sides. However, the leak distracted from that effort and became a part of a Never-Trump evangelical elite attack on Dr. Moore’s critics. Essentially, this group of pro-Moore media and evangelical elites pushed a narrative that Dr. Page was attacking Dr. Moore for his political refusal to endorse Trump and was ready to ask for his resignation.

One former Southern Baptist official familiar with the recent meeting was furious at the treatment of Dr. Page. “I don’t believe it,” the former official told the Capstone Report. “He (Page) is fair to all. They (Dr. Moore’s supporters) weren’t fair to him.”

This began the usual round of pro-Moore nonsense from evangelical media elites at places like National Review to Dr. Moore’s enablers in the liberal mainstream press. The clear message of all this: Dissent from Dr. Russell Moore won’t be tolerated.

There is a growing media-evangelical elite complex that is attempting to end the days where Christians have a voice in politics. And this web of evangelical intimidation is growing.

“Many people outside the SBC are also afraid to speak up out of fear for being blacklisted by prominent Evangelicals and conservative Catholics with whom Dr. Moore has worked hard to cultivate influence. He is a major player in the evangelical Gospel Coalition and a darling of Catholic renewal publication First Things, two organizations that I respect greatly,” Professor Gagnon wrote.

The Gospel Coalition has turned into a nest of leftists and cultural Marxists. There were many posts on the Gospel Coalition website pushing an anti-Trump and at times even pro-Hillary agenda during the campaign. Dr. Moore’s association with The Gospel Coalition is yet another serious problem in the growing millennial-driven leftists attack on the traditional culture war position of Southern Baptists.

In any case, the message of this last week is clear—if you don’t kowtow to Dr. Moore and agree with his positions then you will face the consequences from a rabid liberal mainstream press and Dr. Moore’s evangelical enablers.