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Petition: Fire Dr. Russell Moore & end liberalism in the SBC

Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has divided Southern Baptists. His supporters have introduced racial politics (See: Black Southern Baptist leaders racializing Russell Moore investigation)into a denomination desperately seeking racial healing. Dr. Moore’s liberal, progressive immigration policies, his moral communitarianism and his insulting attitude are dividing instead of uniting Christ’s people. He must go.

However, denominational elites, mega-church insiders and evangelical celebrities are uniting to defend the growing liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention. We don’t stand a chance unless we are united. You can add your name to the petition calling on Dr. Russell Moore to resign or be removed as head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.
UPDATE: Please check your spam folder and verify your email address to have your name added to the petition. Right now we have many who have signed, but not verified.

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The need for accountability and disclosure in the Southern Baptist Convention

The SBC needs significant reforms. The trustee system seems to be dysfunctional (see: Russell Moore highlights need for real reforms in SBC.) Also, there is a reluctance to be open about salaries across Southern Baptist entities (see: Attn: Dr. Russell Moore, Servants Answer Questions.)

Here is a how-to list of things you can do to help the campaign for change in the SBC.

Russell Moore’s liberal, progressive politics

Dr. Moore has led the ERLC down a path that has balkanized Southern Baptists. In addition to the racial politics introduced by Dr. Moore’s supporters, there is a connection between Dr. Moore’s immigration policy preferences and his membership in a George Soros backed immigration group (see: Southern Baptists standing up to liberal ERLC leader Russell Moore.)

Signature List Petition Against Russell Moore

Here is a signature list. Add your name to the list and don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The only way to fight the denominational elites, mega-church insiders and celebrities supporting Dr. Moore is to unite our small voices into one chorus for change.

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Don’t forget to share.

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