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Petition: Fire Dr. Russell Moore & end liberalism in the SBC

Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has divided Southern Baptists. His supporters have introduced racial politics (See: Black Southern Baptist leaders racializing Russell Moore investigation)into a denomination desperately seeking racial healing. Dr. Moore’s liberal, progressive immigration policies, his moral communitarianism and his insulting attitude are dividing instead of uniting Christ’s people. He must go.

However, denominational elites, mega-church insiders and evangelical celebrities are uniting to defend the growing liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention. We don’t stand a chance unless we are united. You can add your name to the petition calling on Dr. Russell Moore to resign or be removed as head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.
UPDATE: Please check your spam folder and verify your email address to have your name added to the petition. Right now we have many who have signed, but not verified.

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The need for accountability and disclosure in the Southern Baptist Convention

The SBC needs significant reforms. The trustee system seems to be dysfunctional (see: Russell Moore highlights need for real reforms in SBC.) Also, there is a reluctance to be open about salaries across Southern Baptist entities (see: Attn: Dr. Russell Moore, Servants Answer Questions.)

Here is a how-to list of things you can do to help the campaign for change in the SBC.

Russell Moore’s liberal, progressive politics

Dr. Moore has led the ERLC down a path that has balkanized Southern Baptists. In addition to the racial politics introduced by Dr. Moore’s supporters, there is a connection between Dr. Moore’s immigration policy preferences and his membership in a George Soros backed immigration group (see: Southern Baptists standing up to liberal ERLC leader Russell Moore.)

Signature List Petition Against Russell Moore

Here is a signature list. Add your name to the list and don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The only way to fight the denominational elites, mega-church insiders and celebrities supporting Dr. Moore is to unite our small voices into one chorus for change.

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40 thoughts on “Petition: Fire Dr. Russell Moore & end liberalism in the SBC”

  1. I’m a Southern Baptist, political conservative, and the only comment I have is that this petition is shameful. Anyone responsible for originating, endorsing, or promoting this effort should be deeply embarassed and, I trust, will be at some future time.


      By Keith Henderson, Masters in Christian Apologetics NOBTS

      “Excellent scripture-based analysis. This is an example of true Christian statecraft, which has almost vanished from the world.”per John Zmirak is a Senior Editor of The Stream. He received his B.A. from Yale University in 1986 and his Ph.D. in English in 1996 from Louisiana State University.

      We are not accustomed to thinking of Jesus as ever choosing the “lesser of two evils”, but He did. We put such high moral requirements on our Savior that the thought that “Jesus would choose any evil is repugnant”. Surely with His divine character He would not stoop to choosing evil in any situation, surely He would “miraclize it” so that He would have nothing to besmirch His character. Not so! God has mandated that He will work through people and all people are to some extent evil – Jesus is not evil, but only those chosen in spite of their evil.

      In fact, the example where Jesus chose the lesser evil was in politics, just as you and I must do as voting citizens. Additionally, he cast His vote to remain under the debauched rulership of Caesar Tiberias, who in his later years during the ministry of Christ was employing kidnappers to steal pre-pubescent boys and girls for forced sex with himself and each other as a means to satisfy his pornographic pleasures. Think of it Jesus voted for Roman taxes and Roman rule!

      When asked by the Pharisees he could have opted for other taxation or rulership plans. For example, He could have referenced Deuteronomy:

      “you shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses; one from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother. (Deut. 17:15 NKJ)

      Therefore, the Jews would have defaulted to let us say the zealots, as a local Jewish rebel group, dedicated to throwing off the rule of Rome. The history of Josephus in the “Wars of the Jews” records how terrible the internecine warfare had been between different Jewish factions in the decades before the strongman Herod with Rome’s backing entered the scene to essentially rescue the Jews from themselves.
      Alternatively, Jesus could have looked east to other governments such as the Parthians, who backed a Jewish Antigonus as king for the three years before Herod and his Roman support eliminated the last of this Hasmonean Jewish dynasty. One could go on forever with various political intrigues and other 3rd party remote possibilities but I digress.

      Of course, Jesus, Himself was the perfect man, perfect king, but He had other priorities. Certainly Jesus could have pointed to Peter or Simon the zealot as members of His own disciples who had strong militaristic tendencies or even political aspirations. But alas He did not! I suspect that Jesus knew Peter (and the people of Judea) were not equipped to raise an army to defeat the Romans in order to get a “more acceptable kingly candidate”. Jesus well knew of Judas of Galilee, a Jewish leader who led an armed resistance to the census imposed for Roman tax purposes by Quirinius in the Judea Province around 6 AD. The revolt was crushed brutally by the Romans. Judas of Galilee (and those like him) were therefore not good 3rd party write-in choices! At least Antigonus lasted three years and had a kingly blood-line of experience plus the backing of the Parthians.

      When Jesus lifted the denarius with Caesar’s face on it he surely could have simply thrown down the Roman coin and lifted a Jewish shekel or any other currency pointing the people in the right political direction. The Pharisees obviously wanted to “trap” him into voting for some anti-Roman political view as if he was a “super-spiritual self-righteous naivete” who would recommend voting for Jewish zealot #143 on the ballot:

      “Show Me the tax money.” So they brought Him a denarius. And He said to them, “Whose image and inscription is this?” They said to Him, “Caesar’s.” And He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” When they had heard these words, they marveled, and left Him and went their way. (Matt. 22:19-22 NKJ)

      Jesus chose to allow a less than perfect and largely evil empire to rule over His people. Certainly, the alternatives to Rome were for all “practical purposes worse evils”. Even Peter with his loud-mouthed Trumpian behavior might have been questionable!

      Would we say that Jesus has compromised His sinless nature by voting for governmental authority to remain with Caesar Tiberias? My goodness Tiberias was worse than Donald Trump! Yet, we have “out of touch” politically correct academics who recommend the following:

      “When Christians face two clearly immoral options, we cannot rationalize a vote for immorality or injustice just because we deem the alternative to be worse. The Bible tells us we will be held accountable not only for the evil deeds we do but also when we ‘give approval to those who practice them’ (Rom. 1:32).”quotation by Dr. Russell D. Moore president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (Christianity Today, March 3, 2016)

      Did Jesus give approval to Caesar Tiberias’ debauchery? I think not! What a misapplication of scripture by Moore! In fact, the scripture referenced by Dr. Moore is better translated “to take pleasure in” instead of “approve”. There are many politicians I have voted for that I did not “take pleasure in” certain of their actions and I know that Jesus did not “take pleasure in” the debauchery of Tiberias. Jesus does not “take pleasure” in everything I do, but by His grace I have been voted into heaven, Amen!

      Something is clearly missing in Dr. Moore’s “holier than thou” voting ethics. How would a Christian ever vote in an Islamic or non-Christian land, really? If we follow Moore’s logic, then Christians are disenfranchised in the public square. We become a voting block destined to obscurity; we are forced to moralize the politicians before we can vote for them; we are as fatally purist Pharisees who lost wars because they refused to fight on the Sabbath!

      War as an extension of the political process must be conducted with practicality. One of the criteria for a Just War is that it must have a realizable chance of winning. Voting for write-ins, minor candidates, or not voting in the final election does not meet this criterion and therefore is a poor stewardship of the freedoms God has given us in this nation.

      And there is “another side of the coin”! Jesus did say “Render to God the things that are God’s”. Today, primarily because of the Democratic administration and party, we are in danger with Freedom of Speech inhibitions due to LGBT and sharia law advocates. Freedom of Religion cannot occur without Freedom of Speech! If the church is misguided by Moore, et. al. to waste its votes and thus effectively contribute to a political victory by those who restrain religious liberty, then “How shall we render to God what is God’s (i.e., evangelizing, teaching)?” and “What shall we say to our ancestors and future generations?

      I will say that “I did not let academic snobbery go unchallenged when they retreated to the ivory towers of political correctness and self-righteousness.”
      May God open the eyes of Dr. Russell D. Moore and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission!

  2. You should indeed be ashamed of yourself for slandering trying to defame a great man. Twenty years ago, your kind of Southern Baptist wanted the veritable decapitation of Bill Clinton, who never willfully brought anything like the indignity, the sheer crassness, to his campaigns or presidency which Donald Trump brought to his campaign. What hypocrites!

  3. You should indeed be ashamed of yourself for trying to defame a great man. Twenty years ago, your kind of Southern Baptist wanted the veritable decapitation of Bill Clinton, who never willfully brought anything like the indignity, the sheer crassness, to his campaigns or presidency which Donald Trump brought to his campaign. What hypocrites!

  4. Every word I read Dr. Moore write is biblical. Every word I’ve heard him say is too. As my longtime pastor used to say, “If I just stepped on your toes, you better check where your are standing!” Russell Moore is equipping God’s people to advance God’s Kingdom. Whose kingdom are you pushing?

    1. Assume for a moment that Dr. Moore was correct. Instead of speaking with grace, seasoned with salt, he insulted fellow Christians. He didn’t reason with them, or explain to them–he ridiculed them on the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post and on CNN.

      That isn’t how Christians should disagree. Then, he apologized by blaming his critics who “misunderstood” him. That I’m sorry you misunderstood me wouldn’t work with my wife. Why on earth would he think it sufficient to brothers and sisters in Christ?

      1. He most certainly did not insult fellow Christians nor did he ridicule them. That you would claim he disagreed inappropriately while also running a petition to have him fired over a political disagreement is the height of lunacy.

        1. IN the Daily Caller he called Trump supporters Heretics–followers of the prosperity gospel. In the NY Times he appeared to question Trump supporters faith. Moore wrote, “Most illogical is his support from evangelicals and other social conservatives. To back Mr. Trump, these voters must repudiate everything they believe.”

          Furthermore, I pay his salary. He doesn’t pay mine. Big difference.

          1. Can you provide a quote or link for that heretics comments?

            And how does saying that social conservatives have to repudiate what they believe to vote for Trump work out to a personal insult?

          2. (can’t do any extra nested comments it seems..I had to hit reply to my own post…hope this falls in the right space to answer your question) Moore says Trump’s evangelical supporters are  proponents of the pernicious “prosperity gospel” that says good health and financial success determines a person’s religious worth. “Most conservative evangelicals regard it as heretical. It preys upon vulnerable people and is contrary to the message of scripture.”

            Read more:

            Now, I and most folks I know read the NY Times comment as at best calling fellow Christians as illogical and hypocrites and at worst questioning if they are apostatized. Plus, he wrote those words in a liberal, publication where his target audience was less likely to see it. It sure seems to be directed more at coastal liberals to please them than to convince Southern Baptists.

  5. Russell Moore has deep ties with George Soros through his open-borders Evangelical Immigration Table. Moore literally wants to flood the USA with Third World immigrants and refugees. Moore regularly condemns white people as racist who disagree with his liberal views. Moore is most concerned about pleasing all his liberal journalist friends.

    Moore is basically a liberation-theology “christian”. He is a fraud and anyone with eyes can see it.

    Wake up. Do not let Moore destroy the SBC.

  6. Capstone – I can’t get this to reply in-line so I hope you see it.

    I was afraid you’d cite that Daily Caller piece. It sticks quotes around words attributed to Dr. Moore that cannot be sourced. As you’ll notice, it does not cite the source of those quotes. Futhermore, the link to Dr. Moore’s op-ed that is linked to in that piece does not contain the words quoted in the Daily Caller.

    Simply put, whatever Dr. Moore said and whether or not it was wise, he didn’t call Trump-voting evangelicals bad names.

    As for your conclusion that he implied hypocrisy or apostasy or whatever, well, that’s just it – your choice to go there. It is just as reasonable, at least just as grounded in what he actually said, to conclude he implied Trump-voters were the offspring of aliens from Alpha Centari IV. And while I’m trying to write with a bit of levity, ultimately Dr. Moore is only accountable for what he said, not what someone disconnected from him saw as the implication.

    1. He spoke those lines to the Daily Caller. Here is a line that lets us know they were interviewing him and quoting him: “The Mississippi native re-iterated to The Daily Caller his pointed arguments in a little noticed New York Times op-ed piece last month Trump’s three marriages, sexual boasting, immigrant bashing and even casino building contradicts the Christian faith…”

      We can quibble if these are insults or not, I think they are, but we can quibble over it. However, enough people feel they were that even Baptist Press has said, “Churches have expressed concern about alleged disrespectfulness by Moore toward evangelical supporters of President Trump and about a friend of the court brief signed by the ERLC in support of a New Jersey Islamic society’s right to build a mosque.” source:–we-fully-support-one-another

      He is accountable for what any plain reading of the text would lead a majority of Southern Baptists to believe he said and meant. Clearly, hundreds of churches and a former SBC president are concerned about Dr. Moore’s rhetoric.

  7. That line references his reiteration of points from his previous WaPo piece, nothing else. There’s no evidence that he called Trump voters heretics. If you choose to believe he did no one can stop you but, again, you are doing so based on no evidence. And, again, if everyone follows that wrong conclusion and decides that Dr. Moore called Trump supporters Ninja Turtles, over and against any available evidence, Dr. Moore isn’t responsible for that.

    1. Wait a minute. The Daily Caller interviewed him. They provided a quote. A direct quote. It is set off in quotation marks. So, are you alleging the Daily Caller and reporter committed fraud?

    1. Please. I represent the majority of Southern Baptists who rejected Dr.Moore’s childish moralizing and insults.

    2. Also, who decided to racialize this? Yeah, Dr. Moore supporters. I think we know who the schismatics are in this.

  8. Capstone, thank you for keeping us informed. Moore is attempting to marginalize, and even demonize, loyal Americans who want to return to a sane immigration policy. At best, Moore is merely foolish. At worst, he is nefarious. America will not survive a sustained open borders policy.

  9. Jeff Wright above blatantly denies the existence of comments that Russell Moore, himself, made to a journalist. When Ethan Reynolds speaks the verifiable truth, Jeff Wright shouts “nonsense”. Jeff Wright supports an open borders advocate, and then calls himself a “political conservative”. It is difficult to argue with leftists when they constantly misrepresent themselves and deny plain facts.

    1. Asking somebody to believe truth or accuracy is to be found at SBCVoices is like telling us to search the pages of PRAVDA. Lmao.

  10. Brian, I love my nation and want to see it saved. Inundating our land with moslems who do not share our heritage and who do not love our way of life, is asking for disaster. Christians do not glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by committing treason. Russell Moore is a traitor to America.

  11. Robert, the only way to save the nation we love is to return to God. Vilifying Russell Moore because he warned Christians about the most ungodly man to ever run for our highest office does not make him a traitor.

    My prayer is that you will be more concerned about the Kingdom of God.

    Daniel 2:44–“In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever”

    1. Obviously, this wingnut knows or knew person ally every U.S. President living or dead to have that kind of judgement on the sitting POTUS. In the words of Bugs Bunny..”What a maroon!”

      1. Mr. Scott, I know quite a bit about the men who have held the office of U.S. President. Perhaps you should spend more time on educating yourself and then perhaps you could actually take part in this discussion rather than hurl juvenile insults.

        I also pray that this verse will touch your heart:

        Ephesians 4: “Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”

  12. Donald Trump “the most ungodly man to ever run for our highest office”? That is utterly absurd. BTW, when did russell moore ever warn about hillary and her pedophile campaign director? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t. Moore hates President Trump for wanting to defend our borders, but has voiced no concern about politicians who rape and murder children. Russell moore is a traitor because he wants to destroy our nation through massive moslem immigration. Russell moore is a cultural marxist, and I don’t he believe that he’s a Christian.

  13. There was no need for Dr. Moore to point out the moral failings of Clinton as they were well known by evangelicals. But may Christians acted like Trump was the second coming of Jesus even though you and I both know he is a vile and despicable human being when it comes to morals. So it was necessary to remind Christians of why Trump was a bad choice to enthusiastically support.

    Trump is the only man to be a major candidate who ever said something as non Christian as he did when he said he has never had the need to ask God for forgiveness. Please let me know historically if any other candidate ever said anything as blasphemous.

    “I don’t believe he’s a Christian.” Do you really think that is something for you to judge?

    1. Romney’s theology was blasphemous and he even refused to repudiate the racist elements of Mormon teachings. So, I’d say in terms of bad, Romney was slightly worse than Trump. I still voted Romney because he was better than the alternative.

  14. Oh, Brian. Let’s put on our thinking cap. OK? You go to an audience which would likely vote majority Republican. You trash the Republican and encourage that group to not vote or go third party. What’s the effect? You help the Democrat by encouraging Republicans to stay home.

    Moore is a democrat. He was a staffer for a democrat congressman. He was working on behalf of hillary. It’s obvious.

    Further, how can a Christian be a cultural marxist? Moore wants to flood our country with moslems. That tells me that moore is working for satan and not Christ.

  15. Capstone: All have sinned and come short of the glory of God is the basic premise of why Jesus came to defeat sin. The fact that Trump openly said he didn’t need forgiveness makes him far worse than Romney believing in the very flawed Mormon theology.

    Robert: Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat. Why don’t we work towards bringing the lost to Christ and quit worrying so much about this world.

  16. Brian, we live in this world, and we are responsible for trying to make it a better place. You are repeating the russell moore tactic. Moore meets with obama and engages in democrat party politics. That’s just fine he thinks. But when conservative Christians try to make a difference, moore chides them for their involvement. He tells them that they should not be political. Bit of a hypocrite, huh?

    Is Donald Trump perfect? Of course not. Only Jesus Christ is perfect. However, when faced with a choice between a flawed, but relatively normal human being who loves America versus a satanist pedophile like hillary, I went with Trump. Russell moore tried to steer evangelicals away from Trump so that hillary could win.

    Trump is now your president. He’s trying to do the right thing for America. People like you and russell moore need to quit trying to hamstring him. Pray for President Trump and try to help him.

  17. BTW, Brian, this is not a republican vs. democrat fight. It’s a fight between Patriotic Americans and globalists. The Patriotic Americans include Trump, some democrats, and a whole lot of everyday Americans. The globalists include obama, the clintons, the bushes, mitch mcconnell, paul rino, john mccain, miss lindsey graham, merkel, and, yes, russell moore.

  18. brothers and sisters, what we are dealing with is cultural Marxism. they think this is about Trump and it isn’t, this wake up call should have begun in the house of God first. globalism, one world orders, erasing of culture and Christian history are the things of ancient Babylon, of revelations, of the mark of the beast. brave you are to mention Soros, and casual research can find a common denominator.. entering into territory and using identity politics of one sort or another to divide the people when the goal is economic hegemony.

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