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Worldview crisis at LifeWay: Content editor celebrates election of Biden-Harris

What Christian celebrates the election of pro-abortion Democrats?

LifeWay’s Fall 2020 Explore the Bible for Youth promoted a pro-abortion Democrat politician. After this troubling revelation yesterday, the social media posts of a LifeWay Content Editor on the Bible study surfaced. The social media posts were blatant pro-Democrat.

In a series of tweets, a LifeWay content editor showed off their political loyalty—proclaiming tears of joy for the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The Lifeway Content Editor tweeted, “I’m weeping. I didn’t expect to cry. It’s over. I can breathe because it’s over. I can’t breathe because it’s far, far from over. And also a woman. A woman in the White House. A Black woman in the White House. We’ll remember today forever.”


Who celebrates the accession to power of the pro-abortion party?

What Christian celebrates the rise of anti-Christian bigots to the highest office in the land?

And the social media account is now locked into private so others cannot see the pro-Social Justice nonsense. It was made private after Pastor Tom Buck raised questions about the wisdom of the Southern Baptist publisher promoting pro-abortion Democrat politician Mark Kelley in the Fall 2020 Explore the Bible Youth Bible Study.

The social media content of the content editor mirrored the content of the Lifeway Bible Study curricula promoting pro-abortion Democrat politician Mark Kelley.

This tokens a serious worldview problem at LifeWay.

Can you trust Sunday School and other Bible study materials produced by Leftist radicals who cheer the election of such evil candidates?

Why support the Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention by purchasing LifeWay products?

The Leftward Drift is everywhere. It is at the Democratic propaganda arm known was the ERLC. It is in our seminaries.

Unless something is done, the SBC Elites are going to destroy the greatest missionary sending force in history.

It is time to reclaim the Southern Baptist Convention.

3 thoughts on “Worldview crisis at LifeWay: Content editor celebrates election of Biden-Harris”

  1. Dear Capstone, I used to love reading your website, but now, you can’t open any article without an advertisement. I would not mind helping you some, but not if you think that selling ads is more important than reading your articles. This is so very sad! I really thought you were a conservative voice, but you are now just an ad agency. So Sad!

    Stan Frye

    1. I agree. I can’t hardly see the article even when I X out of the advertisement. I know you have to pay bills but get a different format where you can X the advert and then see the article.

      Don Edwards

  2. I totally agree with you on the abortion issue, but feel that we should also emphasize other specific positions that are either, in the Democrat platform or openly advocated by them, and contradictive to a Christian Biblical Worldview. To name a few:
    (1) Elimination of “God” from their party platform (most telling)
    (2) Open support of gay marriage, gay clergy, transsexualism, and other anti-family values
    (3) Legalization of illicit drugs
    (4) Open Borders, illegal immigration, and sanctuary cities
    (5) Confiscatory tax policies (mandated economic redistribution vs. personal benevolence)
    (6) Growing infusion of party leaders who openly embrace socialism (atheistic belief system)

    It seems that many influential young leaders in the SBC, as in other main-line denominations, are now accentuating “collective salvation” vs. “personal salvation”, which emphasizes social justice (a works-based Christianity). While their messaging may not explicitly say so, they are subtly, beginning to replace a loving and engaging personal God with a powerful and pervasive government that can “take care of all our needs”. And especially with younger audiences, this “nouveau-Christian” narrative is less convicting, and more enticing. Communism has always targeted youth with the message, “Exchange the archaic mythical god of your parents for a caring and efficient government that is ready and able to really help you.”

    So, when we continue to singularly headline the abortion issue in our attempt to expose the Democrat party, we leave out many of the necessary ingredients in their cocktail of anti-Christian policies and practices, which in their totality, should be openly branded as evil. While it is unnecessary to use the terms, Democrat or Republican from the pulpit, any pastor should be able to adeptly convey to their audience the prominent personal and societal beliefs and practices that are dragging our culture into the abyss. In so doing, these pastors would then effectually expose political party differences. Sadly, this is not happening today.

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